Friday, March 28, 2008

Weekend Movie and Dining - Awake and Mexican!

Note: I'm going to post about Weekend Movie and Dining every Friday!

Jessica Alba Awake Poster

I watched "Awake" without knowing the synopsis. I was giving it a wild try and it paid off. Jessica Alba is still as hot as ever but her acting skills are still too weak to be discussed. In Malaysia, they cut the love making scene and cursing scenes. It actually got me a little frustrated.

At one point, it almost gave me an impression its just a chick flick but then as it moves on, the story turns left and right, giving me the suspense that a guy would like. The storyline is actually really really good. If they picked a better cast rather than what I call "Face cast", this movie can easily get an Oscar Award.

Couples out there, this is a good Date movie! It gives happy images to a girl and it gives the suspense to the guys!

Carlos Margarita

I went to this Mexican Restaurant called Carlos Mexican Canteena at Pavilion 2. The place is quite good for a chill out. I loved the Margarita! You shouldn't trust me on this because I love just about any Margarita!

Mexican Potato Skin

Tried the potato skin, there were more minced meat in it but I still like the TGI Friday's Potato Skin more.

Mexican Burger and Oysters

They sell Fresh Oysters for RM2 per piece there!

My friend tried the Carlos Mexican Burger. The beef patty looks thick and juicy to me!

Enjoy your weekend!


Akira 思胜 said...

I want to watch the movie also! sigh, but I hardly to find my time for it... sien....

Annachuu said...

You like any Margarita? Me too! =D If we ever meet up again, I'll make you one lol need tequila and lemon though XD

hp84 said...

Hi logicyuan,
may i know how is the price at the mexican restaurant? Is it comparable to TGIF?

Ji Yuan said...

Akira>don't stress yourself out xD

Annachuu>No need cointreau?

hp84>not much difference with the pricing but then the fresh oysters at the mexican restaurant is only 2 bucks per piece..damn cheap!

Annachuu said...

That too =P Keep forgetting cos I don't have any here right now.

usws said...

"Jessica Alba is still as hot as ever but her acting skills are still too weak to be discussed" - Wah, like real film critic like that. Bah, i get too distracted with her hawtness to discuss it anyway. :P

And wow, so you're gonna watch a movie and dine somewhere nice every week? Bring me along! Haha..

"they cut the love making scene and cursing scenes. It actually got me a little frustrated." HAHA, frustrated tak dapat lihate love making scenes. XD

Uhh, pavilion baru buka, got pavilion 2 already? Where? Aiks, i've got to try a margarita myself.



Anonymous said...

ooh... the potayto! i lurved potaytoes!

Ji Yuan said...
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Ji Yuan said...

annachuu>u better go get

usws>she is HOT!
damn frustrated when u see their conversations get cut off and the love making motion,suddenly cut off...sienz
i'm going to blog abt them every week doesn't mean i have to go every week?grab from my pics archive..haha
pavilion 2 is within the same building,mostly the pubs are there

nikeez>potatoes tastes good!

CynCyn said...

i've watched this movie.
it was just okay.
jessica alba's wayyyyy to hot!

Ji Yuan said...

cyncyn>The movie is just okay because the two main character's acting is too insignificant or else it would have been great.I loved the turning point of the story a lot.