Sunday, March 30, 2008

RED - Let's Go CLUBing

RED Recruitment Drive

Last week was APIIT/UCTI's RED week! RED meaning Recruitment Drive and the slogan was Let's Go CLUBing! It was quite a week for the societies and clubs for them to attract new members.


The booths managed to get a lot of attention of our fellow APIITians to register.

SARC Booth

SARC in action! Haha SARC actually had too many applicants and they had an interview session to filter some of them out.

Taekwondo Booth

Here comes the Taekwondo Booth! Kicking *haeyah!*

Busy Sports Bureau

The most popular booth was the one for the upcoming sports club as many students are looking forward to try different sports.

APIIT Dance Club

Here's APIIT Dance Club!

Music Booth

They are actually setting up a Music Club in APIIT. I hope they come out with some nice performances during the Multi-Cultural Night.


Java Special Interest Group.


In my opinion, the event went on smoothly but was a bit lack of creativity I shall say. They were all plain and I actually expected some of the clubs to do something more outrageous to grab more members. This is the first time, so let's see further improvement in the future.

APIITians, what do you think? Please leave your comments.

p.s. As there are too many pictures at the event, I only choose some of them to post. If you're interested to obtain the other photos, kindly please send me an e-mail or leave your e-mail address in the comments section.


usws said...

Well, at least your's has a recruitment drive. I wonder if mine even has clubs. LOL!


p.s. Gooot, but it's almost like they don't exist.

Jamie said...

u din list what u joined! btw, it tot clubbing is u know. going to pubs or stuff. ahhahaha

Akira 思胜 said...

Wow, new members intake campaign!!! hehe... for me I will join chess lor... hehe... my favorite...

Stanley said...

Looks cool =) Especially the chess club...

Ji Yuan said...

usws>haha..we have recruitment drives because we did something abt it. You too can start clubs in your college

Jamie>I didn't join any clubs,and yeah CLUB-ing is the catch!

Akira>haha Join Join!

Stanley>Chess clubs is a club where u can challenge all the chess enthusiasts! xD

Derek said...

ah..i joined music bad i wasn't there last week..

Abcchin said...

was kinda good but lack of crowd thosedays lollll

inas said...


btw, can I copy some picture 4 apiitian's newletter?

thx...4 ur help:)