Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Ah Long Pte Ltd Special Screening

Received the SMS from Josh about the details of the screening the night before and the next day *poof* I'm there!

I will not review the movie in this post to prevent spoilers and also because I'm going to attend the Press Conference today.

Go check out the official website of the movie at http://www.mediacorpraintree.com/ahlong/

One of my favourite cast in the movie which I thought she was outstanding is this girl(pic above) - Koe Yeet as the Revenge Teen.

After the movie, I stayed back for a chatting and photography session which I expected all the bloggers to stay too considering Josh requested all the bloggers to gather outside the cinema after the movie but it was rather disappointing that only so few people were that for the group pic.

Shaun was there too! xD

Met this girl Jamie. She's a die hard fan of Daniel Tan as you can see she had this glitter tattoo of his initials DT...Haha

(Me,Shaun,Josh,Jeannie and Jamie)

Last but not least, the group pic~!

Thanks to Advertlets


usws said...

Woo hoo! A photo of me! Two in fact!! :P Too bad i look horrible.. as usual. Nevermind, you said people will say that i look better in real life. I hope. HAHA!


p.s. *ahem* Your favorite cast member. LOL!
p.s.p.s. Shaun is everywhere!! BWAHAHAHA! And i think some people are getting bored of me. :(

chingy said...

Ahlong here speaking;
Please surrender your camera to me by Sunday night or your blog will be closed down!

Plus some red paint!



Ji Yuan said...

usws>if you think you look horrible then i suggest u change ur hairstyle haha

chingy>wah...i takut

Criz Lai said...

I can't wait for the official launch. Jack Neo's movies are always good to watch

Ji Yuan said...

criz> great.I'm also a fan of his! happy watching!