Thursday, March 13, 2008

Advertlets Presents : Special Movie Screening of Ah Long Limited

ah long pte ltd mark lee and fann wong

The female Ah Long triad leader Fann Wong alongside the "Chao Ah Kua" Mark Lee at the wedding scene... Ah Long use Parang to cut wedding

Why do I want to watch the movie Ah Long Pte Ltd?

First of all I think the movie is super duper FARNY!!!!! And the combination of the on screen couple as seen in the picture below is damn cool!!!

ah long pte ltd mark lee and fann wong in the press conference

Aren't they LOVELY? Haha!

Ah Long Press Screening

Above is the group pic of the cast and director at Pavilion! They were there for another screening!

Penang Bloggers Meet at starbucks organised by LogicYuan

Penang Bloggers Meet at Starbucks organised by LogicYuan=Me in early 2007.

Penang Bloggers Meet at Food Loft

Penang Bloggers Meet in Food Loft in mid 2007.

Since all the cast can have a group pic outside the cinema and I miss those huge group picture of a gazillion bloggers, I'm looking forward to watch the movie and take a huge group pic with all the other bloggers that will attend that event!


I hope I won't be disappointed this time and since advertlets is getting the whole cinema...WE MIGHT TAKE THE GROUP PIC INSIDE THE CINEMA HALL!!! COOL!!!

Let's hope I get to watch this SUPER DUPER FUNNY comedy and take the GROUP PIC with other bloggers!



usws said...

Uhh, doing the post for that Advertlets screening? Hmm, i malas already.. wanna go for such things. When's the dateline anyway?

And wow, you didn't take that Pavilion photo did you? I wonder whose leather jacket Fann Wong is wearing. Uh.. and that's your favourite star in the black dress right?

Wow, so many bloggers.. *starry eyes*


carmen said...

It's an 18PL movie!

Ji Yuan said...

usws>u missed out a great event!!!

carmen> a bit of vulgarity and bedroom scene... nvm wait for DVD! xD