Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I'm back to Penang for CNY


I didn't teleport to Penang lah...I guess I'm having "Heroes" overdose.

LogicYuan soaring in the skies

Took a flight back to Penang...

Some say I'm trying to show off or whatever but the truth is I log on to AirAsia almost everyday to look for offer and this trip costed me RM52.00 nett which is a little less than double if compared to the dangerous buses like the incident that took away the lives of 3 bright youths. I've signed the online petition to solve the bus crashes problem. Think of your loved ones.


teddY said...

Hey Jiyuan welcome back to Penang! I'm over at Bukit Mertajam celebrating CNY as well :) your trip reminds me of the CNY flights I used to hop on when I was in Singapore for the past few years :D anyway have fun!!!

ikanbilis said...

oitt. how come flight so cheap??

when you buy the ticket la??

Ji Yuan said...


ikanbilis>i bought it one month ahead.You got to visit airasia websites frequently to look for offers.Normally if they have some offer,they only give a 3 days time frame for you to buy after that no more offer.