Tuesday, February 26, 2008

APIIT CNY Celebrations 2008 #2

Here comes the rage between lions. The atmosphere was great as everyone was consumed by the brave and bold lions.

One of my favourite pictures of day. I like the depth and the message it gives.

Judging from his skill and age, he's probably an apprentice in the lion dance business, but he sure is serious and sweated the hell out of himself.

Mr.Anthony with the two lions.

p.s. the huge APIIT/UCTI banner behind. lol

She's just so cute, isn't she?

APIIT/UCTI staffs gathered together and prepared the colourful "yee sang"

The "Lou Sang" ceremony went on really great with vibrant energy coming from local and international students. A bonding event for all the students with diversed cultural background.

p.s. Anis seems thrilled with the event

The Lion peeled the oranges and then arranged 1138. 4D anyone? Haha...

I guess that pretty much sums up my posts for the celebrations.


Johnny Ong said...

only had lou sang once for this past cny. prices of it shot up real high and frens rather hav a better meal instead of that.

ahem, rich enuf so we dont need it...haha

usws said...

I'd be thrilled too... FREE FOOD! Ahaha! It WAS free right? :P

What's the significance of 1138 anyway? Do i translate it to Chinese or something? Yat yat sam fat?


Ken said...

Heya, thanks for dropping by!

Great job with the photos man, really envy you. keep it up eh?

Empowering Youth

Criz Lai said...

If sure can strike... I will buy.. haha. Last time i bought my kitties' birthday for 2 days, it came out 3rd prize on the 3rd day.. Grrr... I did not buy.. :P

Ji Yuan said...

Johnny Ong> I think once is enough, afterall it doesn't really taste good, just for the meaning

usws> yeah free! erm... yat yat sam fat is right!

Ken> thanks for dropping by as well. Thanks for the compliments!

Criz> if sure can strike, who won't buy? haha

Anonymous said...


It could also be read as 'yat yat sam pat', meaning 'everyday busybody' in direct Cantonese-English translation!! Haha!

Ji Yuan said...

sam-pat is a malaysian slang...not cantonese...haha

Lynn said...

cool.... i like d colour of the picture, and the way of the picture being taken...