Sunday, February 24, 2008

APIIT CNY Celebrations 2008 #1

It started off with 2 lovely ladies wearing cheongsam* being the host for the celebrations.

Fact: The cheongsam is a body-hugging one-piece Chinese dress for women.

The Lion Dance crew arrived shortly after the official opening of the celebration.

A solo violin performance by APIIT's international student from China kick started the event.

Followed by this girl's solo vocal performance of a chinese pop song named 非你莫属.

To be continued with Lion Dance and Yee Sang......


usws said...

Uh wow, APITT has CNY celebrations? Hey, why didn't mine have it or any other celebration for that matter?? Oh wait, even if they did, i wouldn't know cause i was too busy enjoying my holidays. HAHAHA!

Who in the world wants to stay at school during CNY? That's like.. worse than suicide or something! LOL!!


p.s. The girl in the last picture looks familiar.

Ji Yuan said...

the celebration was after the CNY was on the 14th day of CNY if i've not mistaken.

I don't know the

Anonymous said...
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