Sunday, January 13, 2008

Fine Dining at Ferringhi Grill - Part 2

Sorry for these high noise pics once again.Was using k800i and the lighting was very weak.

Golden Frills

It's the Shangri-La's Rasa Sayang Resort Ferringhi Grill part 2.

Nice bread

I personally adore bread like these. I prefer this over those soft bread.

Lamb Cutlet

I had the Lamb Cutlet which turned out to be very nice.


Mom's Tiramisu!

Rasa Sayang Resort

These are some of the deco in the hotel.


It was my 2nd experience dining in Ferringhi Grill. The previous time was in 2004 before they had the major renovation. It was Dad's birthday. The signature dish here is the Roast beef. They use American Beef last time which tasted way better than the present Australian Beef.


teddY said...

Hey nice photos :) don't worry about the high noise, I don't think it really spoils the overall feel of the photo unless they get really serious. Usually I'll use blur filters to remove noise at insignificant areas of the photos. Anyway I've heard of Ferringhi Grill before... is it located in Rasa Sayang hotel? Cos a few years back when my family were holidaying in Penang we actually thought of dining there, but before we reached there we stumbled on some huge food court so we changed our mind, lol!

Ji Yuan said...

erm...the noise level is high...handphone cam...what to do... ues its in rasa sayang.