Sunday, January 06, 2008

A Black Cat Intruded The Apartment!

A black cat climbed through the washing area and came into the apartment. I chased it out.

Later it came again..This time i had to use plastic bags as my glove and carry it to ground floor and left it at the car park. I wasn't so kind like Iona(see below), she adopted a stray cat that came into her place but in the end it was given away. My place is an apartment.. and I prefer DOGs! haha

Damn cute!see the cat? compare it to the black cat that i got and the expression of my face? lol

What does it mean when a black cat enters your residence? check this page out on wikipedia and see for yourself. But to me,it made my apartment dirtier..that's all!


pinksterz said...

that could be salem from sabrina the teenage witch!

Ji Yuan said...

i tried talking to it but i didn't get any