Sunday, January 06, 2008

Advertlets Down?

Yesterday when I was trying to view my own blog, once it started loading advertlets' ads, it skipped to a site named

I removed the advertlets ads immediately and the problem was solved.

I think advertlets was hacked,their host was hacked or either they didn't pay their hosting bills.

Advertlets is having a big problem here...The problem is still unsolved until now!

Nuffnang should be quite happy about this!!! haha...


Fahriee said...

Well, actually..Josh forgot to renew the domain. It expired 3 days ago. So that's why we're having problems with the should be back soon. For more info, visit :)

liyiesther.C said...

Advertlets no money pay bill?

How would Josh Lim handle the damage control now...

Ji Yuan said...

fahrie>how can he just FORGET? its a business not a game.. Advertlets is serving so many bloggers and advertisers and a word FORGOT can do the trick?very unprofessional I shall say

liyiesther.C>there are a lot of rumours about advertlets owing money and stuff but we don't know the truth.we'll see how things goes..

usws said...

Oh wow, never gave much thought about it. Not that i'm earning much from Advertlets (not at all actually) so i don't really care. Not sure if it affected my site though, my blog has been giving me all kinds of trouble without that advertlets problem. LOL


p.s. Does anyone actually click ads out of interest? So far, i've only clicked once or twice.