Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Boxing Day 2008

Orang Penang shop in KL>Orang KL shop in Singapore>Orang Singapore shop in Hong Kong>Orang Hong Kong shop in Europe>Orang Europe shop in Penang. LOL

Meeting up with Ernest Soo and friends

My boxing day was quite hectic. In the morning,I went to Sunway Pyramid to meet Ernest. The condition in the parking lot was insane. It was so crowded!!! I think the whole Malaysia came to KL for shopping.

rings of fire

After Sunway, I rushed back to my dad's place to pack some stuff then rushed to Bukit Jalil. Took a bath and headed to the LRT station with my friends. After that we arrived in Hang Tuah station. We walked pass Berjaya Times Square and witnessed a fire performance.

LogicYuan and Silver Midget

Snapped this pic with the Silver Midget right outside Bukit Bintang's Maybank. Donated RM1. He's making good money from tourists.

lamb madghut arabic food
Lamb Madghut

Had dinner at an Arabic Restaurant below Bukit Bintang Monorail.

sarawanah chicken

Sarawanah Chicken.

siavosh and shisha

My friends decided to smoke some shisha.

the smile before danger

Siavosh blowing smoke towards AbdulMajeed.

Arabian Chinese and Iranian

LogicYuan with 3 Arabians and 1 Iranian.

Rick,Me and Hong

LogicYuan with Rick(left) and Hong(right).

After that I took the train back to Bukit Jalil, packed my bags and dozed off.

Trip to Penang the day after!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

LogicYuan's Christmas Eve

Just found out I'm actually 'that' tanned after comparing myself to many other people this week. You like me tanned? lol

Christmas Eve, something like our Chinese New Year's Eve dinner for the west. Some people choose to party, some people feel obligated to have dinner with their family members or some just wanna relax at home and chill. 

The Minimalists Christmas
(I set my camera on the tripod and snapped this shot without informing them,I just thought "posed" family shots are too common)

As far as I remember, this is the 1st time I spent my Christmas eve out of Penang. As you can see in the photo above, just me and my parents at the dining table, munching fruits in the rented apartment in Klang Valley. I miss everything in Penang! No worries,will be back home in a few days!

xmas food
(Clockwise from top left,Garlic Fried Rice,Pan fried Salmon Fish Tail,Budweiser Beer and Tetley's English Ale,Steamed Cod)

Simple and delicious home cooked food. Perfect! It has been a long time since I last had Cod.

books and mags xmas

These are books and magazines that I browsed through. All of them were on offer so I bought them. The mags are 2 for RM5, they're a little old but still good.

LogicYuan grabbed by an Elephant

Ellie! Here's our camwhore pic! Ellie the Elephant lifted me with her trunk! Just kidding.

2 messengers at the same time

Found out about a new feature on Windows Live Messenger while webcam-ing with Missy Cheerio. You can actually sign in from 2 different devices with the same account at the same time! Try it yourself. You can sign in with 2 different computers or you can still sign in the messenger with your cellphone without disconnecting your messenger in your home PC and use both at the same time!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ruumz,Spirit and Orange

Sorry people for not updating for so long, I was actually working on a new template but the CSS codes confused the hell out of me. For now I do not want to wait till I change into the new template before posting,so here you go!

Went to Ruumz.com's blogger sharing session in PJ yesterday. A new portal for Malaysians!Nice ideas!

Ruumz blogger sharing sessionGroup Photo! Look at David(second from left)! Official introduced each other with Amanda(the one beside me).I wonder what was Vanes trying to do. Josh,I didn't know you get red so fast..LOL Check out the rest of the photos in facebook.

Just came back from Advertlet's Spirit Screening.

The Red,Black and White graphics are really sexy but the jokes were pretty lame.

Met Missy Cheerio for the 1st time!

I just like the colour-orange because I feel happy looking at orange!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

A list of short thoughts

I was brought up in a middle income family and I didn't have many luxury indulgences other than food but the bottom line is that my parents provided me a comfortable life. I do see people living in poverty as I used to walk to low cost flat areas myself to explore but I never quite see what were the sacrifices that the people have to make behind the scenes. Most of my closer friends are wealthy and never really face any huge problems in their everyday life. As I grow up, I see more and I listen to more. I learn about other people's experiences. Like instance I have a friend that married a man because her family needed financial help and end up with a person that she doesn't love romantically for life. Another friend of mine, her dad loves the family so much but he has a very very bad habit, which is to gamble, I guess I don't have to elaborate what gambling can do to a family. I think I will stop here.

I watched "Chak De India" the other day. Its an Indian film starred by Shahrukh Khan(Yes that dude that Malaysia wants to give Datukship to!). The story was nothing great,predictable just like all the other inspirational sports movies. Just in case you do not know,its about a women's hockey team in India that is being looked down and then in the end wins. I don't mind watching inspirational sports film that are not too interesting in their plot because I love sports and the sporting spirit never fails to touch me. The thing I like most about the film is it reflects the cultural and ethnic differences in India itself. I bet many of you think Indians are just Indians,what's the difference? There are actually lots of parts of India that have people that look different and speak different languages. We all know the hot North Indians from the Hindi movies and also the Tamilians that are the majority of the Indians in Malaysia, of course I cannot miss out the Punjabis that usually are minorities in many countries but they are everywhere but of course you cannot compare them to Chinese people. Chinese are everywhere! There also people in India that looks like East Asians with small eyes and petite size. Those live near the Himalaya region. Anyway one nice discovery, I didn' t know Punjabi women are known to be bullies! Haha! No offense k! Just joking! I still think Punjabi women are hot! Don't kill me!

To judge or not to judge?

I can't prevent myself from judging people sometimes, I guess I am human after all.

Some stewardess parked at my parking lot with Victoria's Secret paper bags in the car and also clothes and suitcases scrambled all over the backseat and frontseat. Had the guard to clamp it and I had to park at the lot reserved for the disabled. WTF!

Sami was out in his balcony and someone poured disgusting stuff and it got onto his head. OMG! Mad people! Not to mention I actually tossed expired raw chicken from the 16th floor before but I tossed it far!

No more 孤单的夜晚 for Cho Wei Yuan!

Cho Wei Yuan,my high school friend,was emo for so long for not having a girl friend,even after being the Prom King in his college in UK. Now here you are!

Cho Wei Yuan

Congratulations to Wei Yuan !!!

Joanne Hew Zhi Qiao

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas for Payatas

The video depicts the harsh conditionthe people has to face everyday. Imagine if you have no money to buy food and your only way to survive is to go to the huge and smelly rubbish dump to dig for food and materials that might be sold to gain a little money. Many people including politicians,entrepreneurs and even footballers like Ray Parlour from Arsenal and Lee Sharpe from Manchester United are contributing to help the poor. Don't just stare at your monitor screen! Do what you can! Hop over to http://www.christmasforpayatas.com/ and make a donation!

The landfill in Payatas, The Philippines, is notoriously known the world over as Smoke Mountain. For over 35 years, the smoking dump site has grown to become a stark and heart-tugging reminder of the desperate conditions of humanity.On a daily basis, children pick through newly arrived garbage to collect material to sell. The earnings made by one child are not enough to even buy food for the day. Hence, entire families are forced to climb the mountain each day, hoping to earn enough to feed everyone. Children as young as four years old are forced to work in this daily struggle for survival. 

You can actually forecast whether london will snow on Christmas day and actually win a bet! 30% of the proceeds will go to Christmas for Payatas. You can make your bet by clicking here or click on the image below!

Don't just stare at your monitor! Click on the donation button below and do what you can! 

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fire in Arena Green

The day before yesterday, there was a fire in Arena Green Apartment, Bukit Jalil. The unit involved was in Block F. I was sleeping at that time because I was so tired from the previous day, I slept from 8pm till 8am. Non of my housemates knew about it until yesterday. I am living 2 apartment blocks away so we had no idea. I actually found out when my classmate AbdulMajed was having a chat with me yesterday morning.

*Credits to Nadya Yuliana for the photos.

Fire in Arena Green

The fire brigade was here for the rescue!

Fire in Bukit Jalil

Apparently many residents came down to watch the fire.

Fire in Bukit Jalil

According to a resident Jerry Ling said that when the fire brigades was trying to pump water into the fire zone, it squirted several times instead. The civilians were laughing their ass off having to witness that hilarious moment.

I guess it hadn't been in use since it was created?

Fire in Arena Green

I've asked a collegemate(Sarah Yulianti) of mine that lives on the same floor. The exact virtual conversation is as follows:

Ji Yuan Loh says:
how was the fire yesterday?
sarah says:
its in front of my house!!
panic shock
Ji Yuan says:
sarah says:
how do u know??
of course
Ji Yuan says:
my classmate told me
n then i asked nadya
she posted the pictures in facebook?
sarah says:
when my friend opn the door,, its full of smoke n people were screamin
Ji Yuan says:
can u tell me the whole situation that you know?
i want to post it on my blog
sarah says:
where were u?
u should took a picture
Ji Yuan says:
i was sleeping
sarah says:
Ji Yuan says:
i slept at 8pm to 8am
sarah says:
some people says it bcz of the water heater
some says electricity
but i think its from the room
Ji Yuan says:
the house was empty?
nobody stays there?
sarah says:
hey gtg

Fire in Arena Green

If any of you have more information on the incident, please leave a comment or send me an e-mail at j_y333[at]hotmail.com

Monday, November 24, 2008


Last Saturday, after the MAPCU Volleyball Competition in Nottingham University in Semenyih, I rushed home to take a bath and fled to Cineleisure immediately to attend the Tribe Toyota Bash. The event is basically a "Give Back to Society" social responsibility project by UMW Toyota.

Dance Performance in Toyota

Josh directed me to the reserved parking and we went in together. There were some dance performance to entertain the crowd.

Toyota VIOS

Had a look at the Toyota Vios which is exactly what I need to commute around town.

Fun Games Nintendo Wii Sports

Event organisers had Nintendo Wii Stations to keep not just the kids occupied but also to allow some adults to indulge in the fun of some Wii Sport.

Toyota Hilux Strongest Man Competition

Here comes a mini version of Toyota Hilux Strongest Man Competition. If I didn't have my camera in hand, I would've jumped onto the stage..LOL

Toyota Hilux Strongest Men Malaysia

The participants from all over the country including one guy from Sabah that came all the way down here with the host Belinda Chee.

Toyota Hilux Uncle Strong Man Tyre

The task was to carry the tyres around the cones and put them on the other side. I seriously think I would've won if I joined. :P

Largest Logo Made of Recyclable Cans Toyota

Here's the climax of the night!
The Biggest Toyota Logo Made of Recyclable Cans made its mark in the Malaysia Book of Records with 22,000 recyclable cans. The gigantic Toyota logo measures over 32 feet in length and 20 feet in height. This broke the record made by students in Damansara Utama in 2005 using 7,512 cans.

Malaysia Book of Records Toyota Largest Logo Made of Recyclable Cans

The Malaysia Book of Records certificate is presented by MBR Offical Ricky Yap tp Mr.Kuah Kock Heng, managing director of UMW Toyota Sdn Bhd.

UMW Toyota Motor Yayasan Anak Warisan Alam Mock Cheque

UMW Toyota never fails to contribute back to the society. This was the cheque presentation to Yayasan Anak Warisan Alam(YAWA). YAWA is a Youth Foundation that instills an appreciation of the environment through environmentally-orientated activities to the youth community.

I grabbed this group picture from Rames. There were other bloggers there which I didn't get to meet, hopefully next time. xD

This pretty much sums up the event, I'm awaiting Uncle Josh to send me the photos of me doing rock climbing over there.

After that, as I was strolling in Cineleisure, I saw this crowd outside of a game shop. I stopped for a while to see what's happening and guess what?! They're jamming with Guitar Hero! Besides the guitar, bass guitar and drum set, they have vocals as well!!! How cool is that? I wish I have a Guitar Hero band! :P

guitar hero jamming bass drums vocal

Check out other people's view of the event:

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Blind Man and Sending off my Alpha

Blind Man Painting
Picture source: http://www.wcrartgallery.com/

Last Tuesday, I took the KTM to Midvalley. I spotted a blind man waiting for the train. He was an old Malay man. His eye lids were sunken because he had no eye balls. This is not the first time I've seen blind people taking the train. I like to observe my surroundings. When the train came into sight, everybody else stood up and waited in front of the yellow line with their eyes on the train. I tried to listen to the train instead of looking so that I can understand more about what's going on in the blind man's mind. I could hear the train coming from far and I bet he could hear it better than I do, I turned my vision towards his direction and saw that he didn't move like the other people. A blind man is patient enough. As the train gets nearer, everybody looked like they couldn't wait to board the train and he stood up immediately after the brakes of the train made a squeaky sound. I saw everyone trying to board the train and figured he could use some help, so I held his left arm and guided him into the train without having him to bump onto anyone. I felt contented after doing this good deed. So I'm here sharing it with you people.

(Pictures in this post are taken by my handphone camera K800i)
Yoshinoya Chicken and Salmon Bowl

Once I arrived in Midvalley, I was so hungry so I thought of fast food because I really needed food fast. I didn't want to have any McD or KFC or Burger King, so I thought of Yoshinoya since I haven't tried it before. I ordered the Chicken and Salmon set and sadly to say I was a little disappointed because the Salmon is deep fried. I expected it to be grilled. The rice was not warm enough for me. The vegetable tasted quite bad. But I was very hungry so I walloped the whole thing.

Sony DSLR A100 Sony Center

Next,I went to Sony Customer Service Center at Northpoint Midvalley. Its a satellite buidling of Midvalley Megamall. I was there to send my Sony Alpha for repair. The lense failed me right before Dance2Nista. It couldn't focus and it sends out a loud mechanical sound like its jammed.

Designer Durians Jusco

After that, I dropped by Jusco in Midvalley to shop for some goods and spotted this RM50 durian... WTF? Apparently they are from famous trees...

Sunday, November 02, 2008

My bloody work of art!

Blood Spiral

OMG! That's blood! Derek said I cut myself just to bring my passion for art to the next level.(He was actually half asleep when he said this)

No! I am not a freak! and I am not mad enough to cut myself to do some bloody painting.

It actually started like this. I wanted to open a can of Heinz English Baked Beans and I didn't have a can opener, hence I used a Chinese Kitchen Knife to open it. In the process, I accidentally cut my finger and I went to squeeze the blood out of my finger and I started dripping it in patterns onto the sink and I thought it was quite artistic. Suddenly I thought drawing something with my blood would be cool, so I asked my housemate Andrew to lend me his sketching pad.

LogicYuan's Blood Art

I just simply drew and the sudden thought of people using their blood to write in ancient chinese films struck me. So I wrote the chinese character "Blood" on the sketch pad.

Chinese Blood Caligraphy

You can still see the blood was still fresh when I took the picture.

LogicYuan's left index finger

Here is the finger that contributed to art.

I actually wanted to keep the blood paintings but my dad told me that the smell of blood attracts unwanted spirits so I asked Andrew to throw them away. Although the hard copy has already been sent to the waste dump, I still have these pictures to immortalise these wonderful pieces of art.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

2008 Raya Foodlog @ Penang Day 2

Today, mom made me 2 eggs and fried a piece of ham for me.

Sunny Side Up and Fried Ham

Didn't have much for lunch except for some fruits.

Homemade Fruit Tart

Had some fruit tart homemade by the woman I love the most during tea time.

Thai Food for Dinner

Wanted to go downtown for some good Thai food but had to resort to somewhere in Sungai Ara. The food wasn't that good.

Starbucks Coffee and Playing Cards

Planned to go to Hai Yun and went all the way there just to find out that the singers are on leave. Headed to Starbucks E-Gate. Had Coffee and Chor Dai Dee-ed with Tung, Chien Yee and Chun Hoong.

What to eat tomorrow?

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

2008 Raya Foodlog @ Penang Day 1

Ladies and Gentlemen...Thanks for coming back to my blog although I haven't been updating for weeks. My lazy nerve got really strong recently, the idea of having a foodlog of my short break back in Penang is a big part of my battle strategy against my laziness.

I arrived on Monday night, it was almost midnight when I set the tires of my dad's car on Penang roads.. No food, just plain H2O.

Day 1 starts on Tuesday!

Penang Chee Cheong Fun

Day 1 Breakfast: Wanted Curry Mee from Island Glades but the hawker was on holiday too, Mom "Da Pao-ed" Chee Cheong Fun with an extra piece of Chai Kuih.

Madras Filtered Coffee

Day 1 Lunch: Madras Filtered Coffee

For lunch, my family and I went to an Indian vegetarian restaurant named Woodlands in Little India.

Mom's Home Cook Food

Day 1 Dinner: Mom's Home Cooked Bah Kut Teh!!!

Sequenced clockwise from top left: Fried Four Angled Beans(Kacang Botol) and Eggplant with Sambal, Mustard Greens(Chai Sim) with Oyster Sauce, Mama's Bah Kut Teh and last but not least Yew Char Kuey.

Is your gastric doing the drumroll****?