Saturday, December 08, 2007

Back with more Pavilion

Christmas Pavilion

Hola! Wow..I didn't update my blog for almost 2 months. Since my previous post was about Pavilion, I decided that it would be nice that the post to continue my blogging habit to be about Pavilion also. I'm starting to love this mall! Look at the X'mas decoration...

THX Pavilion GSC

Went to watch The Golden Compass at GSC Pavilion. Saw this cool place and asked derek to pose at the "T". Cool huh? I guess many bloggers wouldn't miss this opportunity when they come here... The sound system there is awesome, especially when those Polar Bears roar! haha

The Golden Compass Merchandise

Got myself a golden compass too.. I can see the truth

More posts coming up! Stay tuned!


teddY said...

Hey there thanks for tagging over at my blog! Anyway although I've been back in Malaysia for the past few days I still have no time to go to the Pavilion! I heard that it's a really upscale shopping mall (that comes with a superhuge Espirt shop!)... I wish I could be there! Anyway you watched the Golden Compass? It's quite a controversion movie in Christianity's perspective, but I'm not quite buying their arguments... anyway I hope I can watch it soon before it is taken off the screens!

Will be dropping by soon! Take care!

P.S. when are you going back to Penang? Is it holiday for you now?

Nicholas Chan said...

woah! the thx is damn cool la! you are not allow to bring a camera into the cinema! haha.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Wah! Golden compass!!! Real compass??
He! He! Tq for dropping at my site!Have a nice day!

Ji Yuan said...

hor ny ang moh> it is a watch

nicholas>its a phone with camera

teddy> regarding the christian elements,from my point of view,the movie is trying to "shoot" them in a nice way but still its not so direct,they only refer to the magisterium in the movie so its not much of a thing,but i heard the novel emphasizes more on the religious part. It's still a nice movie to watch but sequel production.the ending make u watch the sequel. I'm gonna have a week off before my exams then 2 weeks off after it so i will be back in penang for a few days starting from tmr!