Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Back with more Pavilion - Part 2

Unagi Lunchbox

Was kind of tired of presentations,assignments and drama last week. My classmates and I went to Nippon Tei in Times Square to have our lunch since we had a 5 hour break. Tried this RM28++ Unagi Lunchbox. It tastes not bad but the price is too expensive.

Ichiban Boshi

Few days later, Derek and I went to Pavilion's Ichiban Boshi for dinner because I was craving for some Unagi again...

Una Jyu

It was just RM21.90++ for this Una Jyu! Way more worth it than in Nippon Tei!!!

Beef Soba

Derek ordered this Beef Soba which was not bad. I tried a small piece of the beef. The seasoning was okay but a little bit too peppery.

Street Performers in Bukit Bintang

On the way back, we spotted this group of street performers again. They have this reggae hairstyle and don't look like Malaysians. I suspect they might be trying to travel around the world and earn their way through performing.

No Civic Consciousness

At last, I went to Sungei Wang's Gian to grab some groceries and spotted this...haiz...

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