Monday, December 31, 2007

Kajang Sate

Right after my exams, Kuok Siong fetched Mech,Wenni,Reeve and I to Kajang for some Sate..reminds me of GunBound's A SATE... In penang we spell it as Satay.

hj samuri Kajang Sate

HJ SAMURI the famous Sate Kajang... I've been to the old one. This is the newer building.

sate kajang

kajang sate

We ordered Daging,Ayam,Kambing,Arnab,Rusa,Ikan...

Ikan sucks big time!!! This Kajang Sate is kind of inconsistent...sometimes good,sometimes sucks..
kajang satay

Some deco...

Kajang Sate is very good when they perform well.. The meat is thick and succulent and the price is reasonable.. Not like in Penang,the meat is so thin.... The kuah is quite good but nothing fancy...

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Preview for posts...

Haven't updated for almost a week...a lot happened...

These are coming up:

Stay tune..

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Cooking Pasta & Loving Tomatoes!

Made these a few days ago. Nothing fancy.

LogicYuan Pasta

This is the Classic sauce with some minced pork.

Pasta LogicYuan

This is the Carbonara with some Chicken,Pork and Broccoli.

Cherry SunGold Tomatoes

I'm loving this! It's so sweet! These are real good TOMATOES!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Iona,Midvalley,the Gardens

(sorry,the pics in this post are kinda blur..)

Last Thursday, I went to Midvalley to meet up with a friend of mine from Sabah.

Iona and I

Got there kinda late due to the heavy rain over here in Bukit Jalil that restrained me from walking to the LRT Station. Walked under the rain with The Sun newspaper to shelter my head...

Madam Kwan's Nasi Lemak

Initially I couldn't recognise her, but as she walked closer, I start to recall. We went to Madam Kwan for lunch. Spent most of the time catching up about stuff instead of eating...haha

After that she went back to join her sisters and friends and I'm suppose to go home since i had nothing else to do then suddenly I thought that since I travelled to Mid Valley I might as well do something. Went to GSC to watch I AM LEGEND.

I love Chung Ling

Used my Chung Ling High School Library Card. The attendant at the counter was a kid and he "perli" me.

Attendant: Student Sekolah ah?
LogicYuan: Yeah.(with a confident and "I'm not scared of you" face)
Attendant: Oh...(with a disbelieved expression)
LogicYuan: [stares at him with a "you cannot do a thing" look]

Its kinda fun when other people are paying RM12 for the tickets and I'm paying way less. Gotta make use of this privilege before I grow old.

The movie was 7.5/10 for me.

The Link to the Garden

After that I wanted to have a look at the KEBUN...(the Gardens)

Didn't how to access to it hence I called Reeve. He told me to go to the entrance near Oh Sushi.

Had to walk around the link since its still under construction. The see through concept looks cool.

The Gardens

Here I am. Don't compare it to Pavilion! lol because..see below

Pavilion inside the gardens

Really swt...

toilet in the gardens
Walked pass the washroom...and saw this... OMG Tandas dalam kebun...

Luxury washrooms at the Gardens

See? They are trying to follow the concept of the Harrods meh? Btw in Harrods its 1.60 pounds to enter the Harrods Luxury Washrooms.

top floor of the gardens

Top floor of the "Kebun".

Terrible finishing of the ceiling

Sorry but I can't help it. Spotted all these defects... Really lousy finishing... I heard they were in a hurry to open to compete with Pavilion. Obviously they lost..

touchscreen directory

The only cool thing about this mall is their directory. It's touchscreen function is what I always wanted to see in malls. Choose the shop that you want and they will indicate its location and your current location on the map! I forgot about the sofas..there are some huge sofas on the ground floor so you can rest when your legs are tired...the sofas are big and comfy.


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Back with more Pavilion - Part 2

Unagi Lunchbox

Was kind of tired of presentations,assignments and drama last week. My classmates and I went to Nippon Tei in Times Square to have our lunch since we had a 5 hour break. Tried this RM28++ Unagi Lunchbox. It tastes not bad but the price is too expensive.

Ichiban Boshi

Few days later, Derek and I went to Pavilion's Ichiban Boshi for dinner because I was craving for some Unagi again...

Una Jyu

It was just RM21.90++ for this Una Jyu! Way more worth it than in Nippon Tei!!!

Beef Soba

Derek ordered this Beef Soba which was not bad. I tried a small piece of the beef. The seasoning was okay but a little bit too peppery.

Street Performers in Bukit Bintang

On the way back, we spotted this group of street performers again. They have this reggae hairstyle and don't look like Malaysians. I suspect they might be trying to travel around the world and earn their way through performing.

No Civic Consciousness

At last, I went to Sungei Wang's Gian to grab some groceries and spotted this...haiz...

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Back with more Pavilion

Christmas Pavilion

Hola! Wow..I didn't update my blog for almost 2 months. Since my previous post was about Pavilion, I decided that it would be nice that the post to continue my blogging habit to be about Pavilion also. I'm starting to love this mall! Look at the X'mas decoration...

THX Pavilion GSC

Went to watch The Golden Compass at GSC Pavilion. Saw this cool place and asked derek to pose at the "T". Cool huh? I guess many bloggers wouldn't miss this opportunity when they come here... The sound system there is awesome, especially when those Polar Bears roar! haha

The Golden Compass Merchandise

Got myself a golden compass too.. I can see the truth

More posts coming up! Stay tuned!