Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I kena tagged by Jess Sophia

I would like to encourage you guys to tag me now because I'm having a hard time uploading my pics for updates as I don't have a pc here in Bukit Jalil and the only time I can update my blog is when I'm in APIIT.So please leave a message in my cbox if you tagged me.The bandwidth cannot sustain so many users at the campus hence is quite slow and its a nuisance to edit or caption the pics with the college's PC.

Jess Sophia tagged me. Here it is...

1. What was the last thing you did that you pleased your parents?
Can't believe I'm actually taking quite a long time to figure this out and I can't find any definite events about pleasing them,maybe Mother's Day or my examination results?

2. Do you keep long nails?
No,I keep them neat.

3. What makes you start blogging?
Seeing other people blogging and it made me want to present things to other people.

4. Blog hopping is good or bad?
Good if you really try to pay some effort about the content but just to attract traffic,I think its annoying.

5. How long you take to bath?
Depends when.Usually 20 minutes+.If I indulge myself in the bathroom means very very long including napping in the bath tub.

6. Whose blog you viewed before doing this tag?
Jess Sophia

7. What motivates you to go out for the outdoors the most?

8. How long is your average SMS length?
Usually 2 sentences.I tend to make the SMS longer if its suppose to be short by adding some 'courtest' words like please,thank you etc since we pay the same amount for 1 SMS.

9. What you use your email for?
Registering online accounts and communicating obviously?

10. What is your favourite snack?
I don't really snack that much.Definitely not sweet stuff.

11. What movie that you think that is worth for your money this year?
All the ones Mon-Fri before 6pm with Student

12. What would you look for when you wake up early in the morning?
Turning off my HP alarm!

I tag Derek,Lawlen and Sasha.

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