Saturday, July 14, 2007

My Days in the National Service Program#2 : Kembara Halangan #2

Program Latihan Khidmat Negara Modul Fizikal

Kembara Halangan continued...

Kembara Halangan

I don't know what is this called but it is quite similar to those round tunnels in the kids playground.

Tomboy Teacher

This is the Heli Ladder I think. The model is the tomboy coach of the camp.

Kembara Halangan Heli Ladder
(pic taken from another blog)

From this pic,I found out that the trainees climb up the wall and walk down whereas in my camp,we are asked to go the opposite direction which is climb the slope and jump down from the wall...

Kembara Halangan Graduated Balanced Walk
(pic taken from another blog)

This Graduated Balance Walk is left out in my camp because the equipments are spoiled so I didn't try this but it looks like its no big deal.

Kembara Halangan Crawl the wire

Crawling through these wires didn't make me sweat as it was higher than expected...don't really have to be that low to cross it,I guess that's because the National Service ala Malaysia is not meant to be military conscript if not our head will kena tembak by the enemies....

Kembara Halangan Tembok 12 kaki

At last the 12 foot wall,the one I like the most.The one that most likely I won't get to do it again in other places. At first I thought WTF,spiderman meh?How to cross then the coaches taught us to bekerjasama(co-operate).Wirawati don't have to cross this wall.

Kembara Halangan Bekerjasama

Without co-operation,don't think you climb over it unless you're as tall as Yao Ming and can jump as high as Lebron James.

Kembara Halangan Gambar

At last,a group picture with some of my mates!

I know you guys just can't wait for the Firearms training and Horror stories post...

Stay tune for more episodes!


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