Sunday, July 08, 2007

My Aunt's Wedding Anniversary

Vietnamese Spring Roll

24th of June is my aunt's wedding anniversary. Earlier that day,I followed my dad to his friend's house and they made some homemade Vietnamese Spring Roll. It's really good and on top of all its Healthy!

The Menu

We had dinner at the Evergreen Laurel Hotel.

Wine & Champagne

My Grandparents

My grandparents...they are both >70 ok! this pic is not edited...just resized and captioned.I love them!They are in pretty good shape!

Raspberry Cheese Cake

This raspberry cheese cake is from Secret Recipe.Not very nice...too much gelatin.I guess that is the result of having too much homemade cakes...

Happy Anniversary

Alan and Mimi Ness

Snooker Action

My uncle in action. He used to be a Division 1 Player in the English Snooker League...


miChi3 said...

I see nothing but big fresh prawns!

Huei said...


i see prawns too

i wan prawns

*steals spring roll and run away*