Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mini Tsunami and Father's Day


Mom was making a yoghurt fruit cake for her friend-Saliah's birthday and I told my need to look d,we don't have a share of it...

Mana tahu she made this:
Mini Yoghurt Fruit Cake

Made by Momma with lots of LOVE!!!She made a small one for me n my brother...



Lions Club Youth Exchange Program Interview
(from left:Chien Yee,Danny,Me,Yin Tung and Kenneth)

I applied for the Lions Club Youth Exchange Program and had to attend an interview and written test on that day as well. The venue was in a buildling in Green Hall and I found that this road name is deceiving. Green Hall is a ROAD not a HALL..

Karpal Singh
For your information,the famous lawyer n Bukit Gelugor's parliament representative Karpal Singh's office is on that road.

The interview was fine but the written test was gruesome and I was so hungry because I didn't take lunch.. The fact that I'm not a Leo or a Lion,the questions was a challenge for me and they asked for our Agung's full name...

Agung's FULL NAME...

You know what? His name is longer than long beans... go check out for yourself here if you're interested in his name...

After that,we went for MAKAN session at the CRC's famous Mee Goreng(its not in CRC anymore since ages ago).Followed by a visit to Yin Tung's new house at Vermont Road.

My family went to Queensbay for dinner without me so I stayed home and did my chores.We don't usually celebrate Father's Day and I didn't even said Happy Father's Day to my dad...We were like numb to Father's Day because my dad always say:"Aiya,all these are gimmicks,what father's day,mother's day created by the ang moh's,everyday should be father's day mother's day what!".

Happy Grandfather's Day

However,my mom made a cake for my Grandpa!


Yesterday, in the afternoon... this happened:

The Wind Blowing Hard

The wind was blowing quite hard over here at Bukit Gambier, my mom was a bit excited about this and it was like:

LogicMom: Hey Ji Yuan,look! The wind is so strong! Woah!
LogicYuan: Wow,that looks cool,but I've seen this before last big deal...Strong wind comes once in a while...

We thought that it was no big deal and we even went to Tesco to shop for some groceries.

On the way there we saw:

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The Tree fell

and THIS!!!

Poles fell down and open burning in the background

After it rained and the strong wind blew,the paintball court's tent collapsed,the tree fell and the parking poles from the driving school fell and look clearly in the pic above THOSE IDIOTS STILL BURN RUBBISH..ARGH...When will they stop the habit of open burning?Our government hasn't been doing anything to educate these villagers about the impact of open burning?it will lead to global warming!!!


when I thought it was just so normal to me that the wind blew strongly,came this email in my in box with a title:

RE: Penang under attack by tsunami on 19 Jun 2007 around 3.30pm

and it contained pictures like:

Mini Tsunami in Penang Esplanade #1

Tsunami Junior came! This picture is taken in esplanade.

Mini Tsunami in Penang Esplanade #2

Are those blogger wannabe(s) with their handphone cams?

Mini Tsunami in Penang Esplanade #3

Woah..that motorcyclist... so yeng?

Wonder how will Nicolas Cage react when he sees this after he spent so much effort to 'ban yeng' in the movie Ghost Rider?

Will it be:
Nicolas Cage scolding Tsunami Rider

Mini Tsunami in Penang Esplanade #4


Mini Tsunami in Penang Esplanade #5

Will this be a warning to Penangites that something big is coming up?

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Chee Hsien: What is that?? Can it wan?? hahahaha... jkjk..
lin fung: nice display..i mean the food..but duno how it tastes...
-I can't say its Yummylicious because self-praise is a disgrace but to be honest it tastes not bad!

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- heard of me?I think maybe from the Mahindarama Youth?I joined the camp once,everybody knows me for 'Bao Qing Tian'.I heard of you too,I'm a good friend of Yin Tung.

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MisS FaBuLoUs said...

its 4am, and hungry. i open ur post, first thing i see - cake.

ahhhh!!!!! i wannnn!

Sasha said...

wuah another dark n leng chai blogger. hehe

Ji Yuan said...

miss fab>hungry ler..hehe

sasha>omg,another?faster tell me who's the competitor,i'm gonna stab him! haha..

Janet said...

My geography teacher told me today that the largest python ever seen in Penang appeared after the mini tsunami.

Janet said...

My geography teacher told me today that the largest python ever seen in Penang appeared after the mini tsunami.

Ji Yuan said...

i think the mini tsunami woke him up n he's hungry...hehe beware..LOL

FarahD said...

Haha this post was like a news report! ;p