Friday, June 29, 2007

Meme - Layers X 12

Derek tagged me to do this... since I don't feel like updating about my NS yet..yes YET,that means I'll still blog about it!!! so I do this tag la...let you guys know more about me...

Layer One : On The Outside
Name -- Loh Ji Yuan|school friends-Ji Yuan|Webfriends-LogicYuan|NS friends-Logic
Date of Birth -- May 13,1989

Current Status -- Single, I'm still up for grabs!
Eye Colour -- very dark brown until almost black

Hair Colour -- Black
or Lefty -- Righty

Layer Two : On The Inside
Your Heritage -- Chinese,Guangdong Foshan
ok i know what are you guys thinking?佛山无影脚 I really went to Wong Fei Hung's memorial museum but erm....cannot tell you about what I did there last time.if wanna know ask me

Your Fears -- Death,Rejection
Your Weakness -- sometimes lazy, too straight forward when speaking
Your Perfect Pizza -- no particular preference,if its made my loved ones then diff story

Layer Three : Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
Your Thoughts First Waking Up -- Handphone's clock=Time
Your Bedtime -- sports/work/study:0000hrs| leisure:it can be anytime
Your Most Missed Memory -- nothing in particular.Buddies Session?ISM?Tennis?

Layer Four : Your Picks
Pepsi or Coke -- Coke,pepsi more 'siap'
McDonald's or Burger King -- Burger King for burgers,McD for fries like Zhe said
Single or Group Dates -- Single or Group I don't mind as long as he/she/they can chat with me
Adidas or Nike -- Adidas for football boots,Nike for basketball shoes
Tea or Nestea -- Chinese Tea/Green Tea/Teh Tarik. Nescafe,Nestea not my cup of tea.
Chocolate or Vanilla -- Vanilla for mixed desert and chocolate to be eaten alone
Cappucino or Coffee -- It depends on who's making it and the type of the beans...kopi-o also not every shop nice la

Layer Five : Do You...
Smoke -- if second hand smoke is counted then yes...I hate to be a second hand smoker
Curse -- 99% of males curse more than once in their life
Take a shower -- Please don't make me analyse this question.
Think you've been in love -- if a crush counts
Go to school -- if not the school go to me?
Want to get married -- if i get to meet Ms.Right
Believe in yourself -- most of the time
Think you're a health freak -- I'm health conscious sometimes but not always

Layer Six - In The Past Month
Drank alcohol -- yup...
Eaten sushi -- sushi king,jusco's sushi
Dyed your hair -- nope

Layer Seven : Have You Even...
Played A Stripping Game -- yeah but I always win so I didn't have to strip but the most is strip t-shirt nia n no girls playing one..sienz
Changed Who You Were To Fit In -- I think so.I used to "ban cool" when I was in primary.Don't really initiate conversations with people that I'm not so familiar with.But let me tell you its not cool at all!As I grew,I tried to speak more openly and speak to almost anyone.

Layer Eight : Age
You're Hoping To Be Married -- 28-35 but most importantly is with who not when

Layer Nine : In a Girl / Guy
Best Eye Colour -- No preference,Natural will do
Hair Colour -- Black
Short hair or Long Hair - both is ok but prefer long

Layer Ten : What Were You
Doing1 min ago -- Doing this tag.
1 Hour ago -- Watching TV
4.5 Hours ago -- Forcing my brother to wake up
1 month ago -- relaxing after being back from NS and scolding myself for not updating my blog
1 year ago -- Was blogging this I think.

Layer Eleven : Finish the sentence
I love -- my family including my dog.
I feel -- emotions?if not what?human feel emotions ler..
I hate -- to hate
I hide -- my private part,if not Polis Diraja Malaysia will catch me
I miss -- spending time with my friends
I need -- to improve myself.

Layer Twelve : Tag Five People
Dowan la?afterwards they tag me again....

Sunday, June 24, 2007


okok! Belum update about the Orient's Voice bloggers gathering....

Yesterday(erm actually its the day before yesterday because its over midnight now) night I went to Chili's at Gurney Plaza to have dinner. Went there a couple of times but ended up going elsewhere for the past few times because they asked us to wait for 40 minutes but this time me and my friends weren't too hungry and we waited.

They have this Bottomless concept for their corn chips,soft drinks and fruit juice where they charge you and then you can refill as many times as you want.

I ordered this BBQ Ranch Burger for RM19.95 and it was great,better than TGI Friday and DOME...However my friends ordered other dishes,they didn't turn out too

The burger reminded me to update my blog about the dinner I cooked on Tuesday.

After you readers doubt about me cooking,I decided to take over my mom's job for a night and showcase my flair in cooking(lol muka tembok?).

I made this Beef Burger for my little bro! Burger pattie Made in My Home k!

Somemore ada Tortilla Wrap!!! This dish wasn't quite nice to eat...a bit dull actually comes the steak! I tell you,the red wine sauce can really make you drunk! It's tantalizing!

Last but not least the lamb shoulder!!! it may look the ugliest but its certainly the tastiest!!!

I was too ambitious to cook so many different servings,I managed till I ki~siao and then after that wash pots and plates till ki~siao... so imagine when your momma cooks?

This is for my parents! Happy Wedding Anniversary,this year is special for them because their anniversary is on the 21st June and this year is their 21st year!

This was made a few days ago because when I made the beef burger I had some burger buns left so I made this LcEgg... I heard that McD no longer serves McEgg and I wonder is it true? Some McD says that all McDs don't serve McEggs anymore but some of my friends tell me its still available? what you think?

Friends in the penangpenang shout out?Hungry ler? haha

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mini Tsunami and Father's Day


Mom was making a yoghurt fruit cake for her friend-Saliah's birthday and I told my need to look d,we don't have a share of it...

Mana tahu she made this:
Mini Yoghurt Fruit Cake

Made by Momma with lots of LOVE!!!She made a small one for me n my brother...



Lions Club Youth Exchange Program Interview
(from left:Chien Yee,Danny,Me,Yin Tung and Kenneth)

I applied for the Lions Club Youth Exchange Program and had to attend an interview and written test on that day as well. The venue was in a buildling in Green Hall and I found that this road name is deceiving. Green Hall is a ROAD not a HALL..

Karpal Singh
For your information,the famous lawyer n Bukit Gelugor's parliament representative Karpal Singh's office is on that road.

The interview was fine but the written test was gruesome and I was so hungry because I didn't take lunch.. The fact that I'm not a Leo or a Lion,the questions was a challenge for me and they asked for our Agung's full name...

Agung's FULL NAME...

You know what? His name is longer than long beans... go check out for yourself here if you're interested in his name...

After that,we went for MAKAN session at the CRC's famous Mee Goreng(its not in CRC anymore since ages ago).Followed by a visit to Yin Tung's new house at Vermont Road.

My family went to Queensbay for dinner without me so I stayed home and did my chores.We don't usually celebrate Father's Day and I didn't even said Happy Father's Day to my dad...We were like numb to Father's Day because my dad always say:"Aiya,all these are gimmicks,what father's day,mother's day created by the ang moh's,everyday should be father's day mother's day what!".

Happy Grandfather's Day

However,my mom made a cake for my Grandpa!


Yesterday, in the afternoon... this happened:

The Wind Blowing Hard

The wind was blowing quite hard over here at Bukit Gambier, my mom was a bit excited about this and it was like:

LogicMom: Hey Ji Yuan,look! The wind is so strong! Woah!
LogicYuan: Wow,that looks cool,but I've seen this before last big deal...Strong wind comes once in a while...

We thought that it was no big deal and we even went to Tesco to shop for some groceries.

On the way there we saw:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The Tree fell

and THIS!!!

Poles fell down and open burning in the background

After it rained and the strong wind blew,the paintball court's tent collapsed,the tree fell and the parking poles from the driving school fell and look clearly in the pic above THOSE IDIOTS STILL BURN RUBBISH..ARGH...When will they stop the habit of open burning?Our government hasn't been doing anything to educate these villagers about the impact of open burning?it will lead to global warming!!!


when I thought it was just so normal to me that the wind blew strongly,came this email in my in box with a title:

RE: Penang under attack by tsunami on 19 Jun 2007 around 3.30pm

and it contained pictures like:

Mini Tsunami in Penang Esplanade #1

Tsunami Junior came! This picture is taken in esplanade.

Mini Tsunami in Penang Esplanade #2

Are those blogger wannabe(s) with their handphone cams?

Mini Tsunami in Penang Esplanade #3

Woah..that motorcyclist... so yeng?

Wonder how will Nicolas Cage react when he sees this after he spent so much effort to 'ban yeng' in the movie Ghost Rider?

Will it be:
Nicolas Cage scolding Tsunami Rider

Mini Tsunami in Penang Esplanade #4


Mini Tsunami in Penang Esplanade #5

Will this be a warning to Penangites that something big is coming up?

____Replying your Tags____

missfab: lol! i'll try to work on my abs then
-Good! I love girls with hot abs!

huifang: u cook? haha......boleh makan ke?looks abit like fake one.....
huifang: u learn to cook at NS?
Koolz: Hey! I've updated. Wow...u can cook also? lol
-Hello?Can you give me reasons why LogicYuan can't cook? and its REAL plus I didn't learn any cooking from NS

chingy: hey! i went ns too! XD
FengY: woohoo, went NS! Cool

nicholas: what is that? chicken? your new banner look cool, like the japanese old flag, red =D,
-Yes,that's a chicken breast!Thanks for the compliments!

honey: ding dong! wow..your site is so orange!..and full of links...
honey: anyway, nice to meet you
-Haha!nice to meet you too!Have we met? lol

erlynda: wahh... you made that?? makes me hungry man.... ><
Abby: looks scrumptious!! =)
Mischique: i have no idea what that is but it looks darn good and i want some
Chien Yee: fu-yoh!!
imin: goshhh that thing over there makes me DROOLSSS
erlynda: agh. the meat... looking so damn juicy... eee.. dah lapar nie!! >>
Chee Hsien: What is that?? Can it wan?? hahahaha... jkjk..
lin fung: nice display..i mean the food..but duno how it tastes...
-I can't say its Yummylicious because self-praise is a disgrace but to be honest it tastes not bad!

danielctw: haha... drop by, and the thing that captured me was the banner... haha... nice one
steph: HAHAHAHA !! ur header's funnnnnyy !
Derek: nice header...hahaha
-I love my new header!

Ying Tian: wah can cook! cook for me next time
yingjie: woahhh you cook!
- wah...that will be taken into consideration if you marry just kidding...if i have the chance to cook for great musicians like you two,I will...hehe

denise: hey i kinda know u.heard bout u
- heard of me?I think maybe from the Mahindarama Youth?I joined the camp once,everybody knows me for 'Bao Qing Tian'.I heard of you too,I'm a good friend of Yin Tung.

Lisan: heyy!! hahah. how did you come across my blog? ooer. photoshopping fella. tsktsk.
- Bloghop!I think I came across your blog long ago...n I'm a photoshop NOOB

hA'o Ha'O: alo alo.. thx for dropping by..
cher: hey.. ding dongs
yingjie: hello, saw you in last year's ism. hah. im yingtian's sis.
free: hey logicyuan..thx for dropping by my site..yes, laptop down=more study time..=)
penne: thanks for taggin ... nice blog
Naomi: Heyy, lovin' the blog!!!!
itchy: Hello
maaaRvin: just drop by to say hi!
-Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

saMantha: la la la~~hey yuan u goin 4 the 23rd?
iCalvyn: JY, do u attend the event on this comming 23th June at gurney?
-Yes!Meet you at Food Loft!

patchay: hey watssupp? oh u're back from NS so fast? time really flies...

La'enCier: wow, you cook that?

milky: hmm..NS..interesting..looking 4ward to it ya~~ ^^
-still working on it...too many pics...

jen: WOAH!! NSSS!!
-I hope you guys will like what I post about NS later on!

antirealmadrid: just dropping by,, what's cookin?
-That's just lean chicken meat

Tungz: Oh, forgot to tell you 1 thing, I got my photoshop back, YAY!!!!!!
-Looking forward to your postings!

minny: hahahah okok u're no longer botak. calm down LOL
-I'm calm...haha and was happily joking

xyann: hey hey do i know u? anyway thanks for the tag. dun bother tht person lar. thanks again. i just linked u.
-I don't know whether you know me or not,you should ask yourself that question?you're welcome bout that and thanks for linking me!

Koolz: Hey, anyway u're free then update more often
yingTian: update update =p
-Here's your update!

smashpOp: haro haro im back
-Welcome back!

xyann: url changed
- Got it!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Cooking n replying your messages...

Okay! This is the deal! I really want to update you guys about my journey in Program Latihan Khidmat Negara,in English National Service or NS but... I have too many pics to upload and too many stories to tell plus I haven't finish figuring out the sequence and how am I going to present it so in the mean time, I'll show you guys other things while I work on it.

When I didn't update my blog, I was so bored and had nothing good to do. It was then I started to dig my mom's fridge and try to figure out what to mess with. I actually did something good out of it...I made this:

the chicken breast I cooked

I don't know what to name it... I'll leave that to you guys... haha


: thank god... thought u lost or somethimng
- god says you're welcome... I'm not lost in reality!I was lost in the online world,I'm too OUT,I'm behind all the online trend after living away from civilization for a few months hehe...

huifang: jia you !jia you!
saMantha: jiayou orh!~ :glad:
- xie xie! xie xie!

Chee Hsien: O_o
- o_O ?

nicholas: yo man! where r u now
- I'm in penang lor...

erlynda: NEW HEADER!!!! hahaha!
Ying Tian: interesting header! heee hee. jiayou!
Natalie: Nice header there!
matrianklw: and i can see the new header for the blog! awesome, man!
- yeah! yeah! I'm very happy with it!

Koolz: Waa...yr black n white pic, looks like u have turned to the "Dark Side" ... :P
- erm...I'm just sorry,I'm not evil yet and plus the Darth Vader in me says:"I am NOT your father..." muahahaha

Holyboy27: hello logic! =D ur back!
BenjiPapa: welcome back wor..haha...
Peter: nice to see you back in action.
- YES YES YES! I'm Back! yahoooo!

ps: hu~~ new header... ya went dragonboat race or not? our schooll got 7 medals..keng
- yeah! they were great,tak join dan tak tengok pun...wanted to join la but they had too many rowers and they trained for months so I don't want to interrupt la...

matrianklw: oh, i noe how it feels feeling sori for not updating the blog! go go jia yu!
- It's all deep down in a blogger's heart... thanks for understanding...

Alex: there...
- Boink Boink~!?

Infectioner: welcome back si botak :P
Infectioner: welcome back si botak :P
- No need to say 2 times gua? plus:
I'm no longer botak

haha just for laughs....

pinksterz: oooh! spot a new header there! ^^ n why so long no update? bz with what? O.o
- obviously busy with nothing,that's why i apologized for not updating..didn't u see the post before this?

Tungz: Hey, you did that header yourself? wicked!!!!
- erm.. not to say all by myself,with some help from Derek, he drew the star thingy for me and some other stuff, but I really cracked my head doing it... just refer to the photos below then you'll know how gruesome...(just exaggerating) haha

pictures taken to make a new blog header

grace: hey (; logicyuan?
- hey hey hey!

Tungz: Blogz updated!!! Yours too!!!
- sudah baca ur latest post! way to go!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I'm back! sorry for the absense!

OK! I'm really sorry! Sorry to you guys and sorry to myself for wasting my time doing nothing....

I'm gonna be back! Stay tune! However I still need all the confidence-boosting encouragement you can just kidding