Thursday, April 05, 2007

Flashback: A Night at Kwong Wah Jit Poh

banyak orang

Went to Kwong Wah Jit Poh on the 5th of March to refresh myself on the Zhen Qi I learnt and bring along my mom's friends to learn as well. It was so cramp in that mini hall.The organisers didn't expect so many people because most of them registered on that day itself.

The Mini Hall=The place where I got my chinese essay writing competition runner up price,got praised by Yulduz,felt so proud at that time.Got praised by the text book writer I read in school everyday wor?
You guys know her?:
永樂多斯博士,原籍新疆,出生于台灣。台灣大學外文系畢業,美國密蘇理州立大學英文系碩士,馬來亞大學博士,英國劍橋大學訪問學者。她亦是國內著名 作家,作品常發表于各大華文報章,已出版多本書籍,并受聘教育部編寫華小華文教科書;主講接近一千場以華語為媒介語有關婦女、親子教育、青少年學習等課題 之講座會;創辦永樂教室,推動兒童教育工作。多年來積极參与本國華文文教活動,可謂不遺余力。

mother and daughter

Saw this Mother and Daughter two practicing ahead when everyone is busy talking n kapsiao-ing. They sure look alike!*

rolling rolling rolling

It was too hot inside the mini hall so Mom and I decided to vacade and when we went down we saw this!

film containers

Then its time for me to snap snap snap with my k800i.Although the quality not high but still can see right?

makan makan

Then we went to makan at "Sah Diao Lor"(3rd Road in hokkien). Makan Wan Tan Mee,Hokkien Mee and Ice Kacang.

After that balik to Kwong Wah because had to wait for my mom's friends to finish and fetch them home... So i took more pics!

work for the public

The guy looks damn pissed off with his work and also the movie.I guess he watched a gazillion times already. (The Movie was Fong Sai Yuk by Jet Li)

But hello?you're doing a good deed to entertain these people:

para penonton

All these dudes on their motorbike watching.
(of course they're not mat rempit,do they look like one?)

uncles watching

These uncles have their seats on their motorbikes,of course they enjoy la,but i have to stand wor...legs sore after a while...

old style projector

Lastly my favourite pic of the day!

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