Saturday, March 10, 2007

Penang Bloggers Hike 2007 #1

we gathered

We gathered at Prangin Mall.Then,

mana saman saya

I was waiting...and I wonder why I haven't get my summon?

kitar semula

Snapped this picture while waiting

waiting for bus

After that,we went to take the bus...

warren struggling for group pic

Warren was trying to snap us a group pic in the bus... but unfortunately


He was too heavy for the handle..OMG..pecah!

dah rosak

Instead of a normal groupie,we got this! haha!

hide and seek

We had to register at the counter just in case we get lost,they got our details and when Warren went to buy fire starters for the BBQ later...I had to camwhore a bit la...

hide and seek again

Nothing better to do d la..

koolz and logicyuan

From here we marched on! stay tune for the hike! part #2 is coming up!


Mischique said... fun! i'm so jealous :P
lol i just realized your orange outfit really complements your blogskin well!

nalini said...

ya man.. many a time, he looked like an orange to me, Bren! :P

and he almost agreed... didnt he.. grins

annachuu said...

Love your shirt! It's so Hawaiian xDD

Boss Lepton said...

wah crap, looks like fun, i also wanna go

Ji Yuan said...

(bren)i asked u to come already could have been better if u went?

(nalini)i'm an orange?lol i use to eat oranges when i was very young until i nearly got asthma then i stopped...

(annachuu)at first i felt kind of weird,i thought we should wear beach attire when we go to the beach but all of them wearing hiking i was a bit odd in the group...but i told them,if i don't wear those hawaii shirts when i go to the beach,where would i wear them?to shopping malls? haha

(boss lepton)join us lo next time!

annachuu said...

Hahaha! It's okay, you stand out! You're unique XD

Ji Yuan said...