Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Meme - A-Z

Cedric Ang Thay Kor tagged me!!!

A for Age : 17, Seventeen, Tujuh Belas!

B for Booze of Choice : erm...Margarita? my favourite cocktail

C for Career : Now not confirmed 30 years time F & B or IT Tycoon?

D for you most Dreaded : Nobody visit my blog in a day other than myself...

E for essential items you use everyday : Toilet bowl?need to pangsai every morning...

F for Favourite song of the moment : Way Back Into Love - Hugh Grant + Drew Barrymore(the demo version la)

G for favourite Game : Terminator(not the Arnold one,a handphone word game)

H for Hometown : well the origin of my ancestors is in Foshan,Guangdong,China but my lovely mommy gave birth to me in the Penang Adventist Hospital!

I for Indulgence : Penang Hawker Food!

J for favourite flavour of juice : Ampala without sooi-bui

K for Koo Kien Keat : The AngMo commentator call him Koo Kien KID(wahlao eh) I admire his badminton skills la!Menang All-England!

L for Last Hug by anyone : Can't remember?I think my AngMo friend hugged me when she came back last year?I rarely hug boster everyday let me hug got la...

M for Mother : I love her!

N for Name of your crush : no crush now gf n no target also... sad la

O for Orgasms : Hanya dapat dari DIY.. still virgin la k!

P for Phobias : don't really have any,if wanna force something out from my kacui,its Height lo...but everybody also get a bit scared when they are looking out from tall places don't they?

Q for Quote : my quote constantly changing one... last time was YeeYee,Bagus, now don't have ler

R for biggest Regret : wacked one of the important people in my growing process(i was hurt deeply in my heart that time,but now i regret that action)

S for Status,married or single : Single and very very available!!!(that's y ppl think i'm gay,how can ji yuan have no gf till now?) I am STRAIGHT! I need a girl friend !!!

T for Time you wake up : Schooling - 6 a.m. , Working + take bas kilang - 6 a.m. , Working + driving - 7.30 a.m. , Nothing to do/Holidays - 10 a.m. (average)

U for Underwear : usually AE brand lo,sometimes Byford and lots of 3 for RM10 from the market

V for Vegetable you love : erm.. it depends on the way of preparation but i seriously do not like ginger

W for Worst habit : do things last minute(now not so bad d la...)

X for X movies I've watched : many ler...lost count( pls don't learn this from abang Logic!ur mommy will kill me)

Y for Yummy food you make : Stir Fried Beef?(learnt from recipe book)I seriously love beef!!!

Z for Zodiac sign : Lunar - Snake, Star Horoscope - Taurus(lee hom n shakespeare oso taurus ler)

My turn to Tag 5 people yeah! LIMA orang! :

1. Lawlen

2. Annabelle

3. Hui Wen

4. Teddy

5. CY


annachuu said...

Oh noes, it's teh ebil tagzzzzzzz =p
I'll work on it once I get back from college ^^

thwen said...


I haven't done the tag by Matthew yet- The 5 reasons why I blog, and now this A-Z list.

Eh, I love the ampala juice too. But I want the asam boi inside, haha! I don't know to spell the fruit actually, but lantak lah, as long as some people faham.

Ji Yuan said...

(anna)make sure i see it before this sunday!cos i akan pi NS this sunday!

(thwen)ampala,if tak faham oso duno how to explain d..haha i have no idea what's the english word for it nor the scientific british friend calls it UMBRA when she's here..haha

CY said...

Thanks for the tag! Will do this if I've writer's blog.