Saturday, March 03, 2007

Meme - Five reasons why I blog

5 true reasons why I blog!

1. I feel happy when people talk to me and they say:"hey! your trademark pose like this ah?".

2. I get girls adding me in MSN and tell me your ass is HAWT~!

(scanned from the star)

3. I get to "Hao-Lian"(show off) my achievements!

(this was taken in 2005)

4. To show my grandchildren that your grandpa did some crazy things to satisfy his readers!provided if google belum bankrupt!

5. I get to drag ppl to view my blog just to put a smile on their faces!

(Taken fromTungz's mom's graduation day!I took some photos for her)

---Above is blogging from the heart---

---Below is blogging from the brain---
(don't read this,waste ur time nia)

I always see
ppl using terms like tagged and meme,but I don't know the actual meaning of these terms,all I know is there's always question and answer,so you guys please tell me the meaning k?

Anyway 5Xmom tagged me.

I also don't know what I'm doing because I don't understand the concept of tagging and meme-
ing but I know should just give 5ive reasons why I blog...

ive reasons why I blog:

1. I get a record of the meaning events in my life(I tried to write a diary many times but I usually give up after one week,ask me to
tulis tulis tulis,I damn lazy wor,but blogging got picture ler!)

2. Sharing.My friends get to know what I do and what happened to me (some people may say i "
hao-lian"(showoff) things in my life but who cares?I really just wanna let my friends know lor...nvm got blogger friends that understand me)(chatting in MSN time,i wanna talk about an event,its really hard to tell sometimes so i mah ask them to see my blog to refer to the pictures lo{macam iklan again})

3. Get Attention!Get people to notice my
existance(get to know what is my position in the blogging world,people like my blog or not?my pictures nice or not?my content good or not?I want to be an actor la because i really like to act and i really like to watch tv,since not many chances to act so I mah blog lo!people can still see ME in my blog.I see many GENG bloggers in the net,I also don't want to be left behind{but after blogging,i'm still far far behind})

4. Because when I'm interested in other
ppl's blog and I give my comments,they will be interested about me also,so I need to "pass up my homework".(actually if nobody cares about my blog,I won't blog at all,I sometimes blog for the sake of recording but most of the time I blog because people want updates in my blog and if i don't update,i feel like i disappoint them)

5.duno d....can't think of brain berkarat d


Now I need to tag 5 persons to do this 5 reasons thingy! :

3.Nicholas Chan
5.Zhe Hao


Septian said...

keep on blogging. I am waiting for ur next post

Ji Yuan said...

thanks for the support!

Transcendent Emperor said...


L4wr said...

Meme d. =P

pinksterz said...

tag can increase your traffic one. haha. believe it or not?

Sally Ho said...

you have a cool blog.

Ji Yuan said...

pinksterz: I believe u!

sally ho: Thank u veli much for d compliments!

Sabrina said...

So what is meme? Is it the same as tagged?

Mischique said...

LOL..oh my goodness..i didn't notice that you proudly displayed a huge notice by your ass saying 'MY HOT ASS' until i read the post the 2nd time around..LOL

advertising your ass now la isit? wanna work for me as a man-ho or not? i'm pimping all the potential boys.