Friday, March 02, 2007

AMD - last working day

Today is my last day working kat AMD.

My mom was kind enough to make me breakfast today. I named it as "Breakfast of Love". It made me feel warm to have my mom to wake up early to make me breakfast,I felt touched the moment I tasted it. I almost had a few tear drops.

Tried to ask some friends to join for lunch but Lee Ling was too busy so she couldn't make it. It's sad to work in AMD... Just look at her?she's pale... berapa malam kerja syif? sweat la...

Went to Queensbay, haven't decided to eat in which restaurant... went to Nando's but there weren't enough seat and when the waitresses arranged the tables and chairs for us,we walked over to Dave's Deli...(teruk kan?) We queued at Dave's Deli and then suddenly popped out this idea to eat elsewhere since its self service at Dave's Deli and we were hungry and wanted to have a seat. We went to Manhattan Fish Market!(the pic on top i took one ok?very pro is it?"muka tembok"***)

Hey! Issac!you behind!,don't try to snatch my place in the lens!

OMG!! OMG!! OMG!! Catherine?are you ok?she looks so...?devilish?ghostly?dracula's niece? just look at her eyes?!! (sorry Catherine,hope you don't mind that I posted this picture..accidentally taken la)

Started taking pics with them one by one while waiting for our food!
Kita mula dengan Logic dan Pei Seng!

Chwin Liang with the best pink fish award! Logic dapat apa award?

Ivy and I! She's so cute ler...cannot tahan feel like cubit-ing her cheeks! The Finance Department is currenty having this Big Loosers competition, 'Giam-Bui-Bi-Sai'! She joined? don't know why?so slim d?(maybe to reduce her chubby cheeks so that I can't cubit her?"muka tembok" again***) She should be having a strict diet but she kata..she kata oni la,I tak tau,she give me face so she eat lo? haha...

Eve and I! She ingat my trademark pose ler! She went to the bloggers meet and do you know that friday before the meet she was sitting just behind me in the office? I didn't remember her face la...paiseh!

Hui Yin and I.
This is when i started to get a bit crazy!

Wan Ying! Do not do this again unless its for my blog!!!
(wan ying,seriously you look damn old if you do this!)

Adui! KIWI!(her name is Kiwi!everybody call her kiwi ok?) I cekik her she still smile until like that?tak tahu lagak lagak sikit?

Singing away**Nothing more that I can say?**

Beng Seng Ooi! He works for the US finance here,so when he sends email it will appear BS?If you are ang mo,would you wonder why this person is full of BS(bull-shit)? He's a nice guy ok? still single... email me for contact number!

Have you ever seen me camwhore this crazily before? I think I took too much Ngan Yin Kacang Menglembu last night? "this is not a paid ad"

Tata~~ to my amd friends!


teddY said...

Nice photos! It is surely nice to be able to meet up with lots of people!

erlynda said...

wow. your farewell lunch very "lau juak" le. very nice pics too. especially the food on fire pic. haha. cool!

Ji Yuan said...

teddy>yeah...met lots of great ppl!

erlynday> TQ TQ TQ

Ji Yuan said...

sorry its "erlynda"

Ji Yuan said...

typing error la..

nalini said...

where to next?
full time NS?