Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Penang Bloggers Meet 2007 was a blast #1

Went to fetch Han Koolz Phin before going to e-gate on the 25th of Feb.Called Tungz and found out that he couldn't make it because a last minute matter arised.

Reached there and went inside looking for any familiar faces and I saw CY and emily..woohoo! We were all cool about it and started chatting.After a while,a kid talked to Koolz and then we found out this nice lady on the other table is actually kuE... damn it... tak tahu pun haha..

We were talking about these bloggers are true Malaysians because... of their time management haha.. you know what i'm talking about!

More and more bloggers came and since there weren't enough space inside as there was quite a number of customers inside,so I suggested that we move outside.

Banyak orang di situ,we had to adjust the table and chairs.I felt that I did quite a bad job as the "or-kui-ni-ser".(thanks to 5Xmom for d nick) haha...

I should've asked the starbucks crew to arrange the furnitures earlier to accomodate the people I invited and not ask my blogger friends to DIY.I should've written all the stickers the night earlier so that they can just claim their stickers without writting with my marker that is running out of ink.I should've bought a book to make it as a guest book so that everyone can write down their respective details in it.

I was telling CY which button to press to take this pic...turnout begitu candid haha xD

When 5Xmom arrived,everybody got so excited... She played a very big role in this bloggers meet,if she tak datang,i think nobody wanna come d..

kuE drove all the way from Kuala Kangsar to attend this meet.Her daughter puteri was the one that told her about this meet but she was too shy to come?sad la...don't be shy next time!I felt really proud that she came all the way...

Some ANGPAUs from 5Xmom... got two categories... Bigger ANGPAUs for students and smaller ones for those who sudah kerja... I ambil the kecil one.. haha i working temporarily...

We were browsing through some blogs over there.. we looked weird so I asked them do we look like were watching porn in group? haha

These two mamas came with their cutie little kiddies!

Since it was hot outside,I had to find a way for us to move inside.I can't believe I actually approached two guys there and asked them to move(of course in a very good manner) and they were leaving soon too so settle..I would never had done such a thing if I didn't organise this event.. I'm not so daring one lar... haha maybe its the blogger drive..baru can become so berani lol

Not long after we settle the seats,excessive camwhoring started...

Groupie! yay! tried to get everyone in the pic la but some left some duno go where,some shy...

Suppose to "cho-siao" in this pic but.. looks like 20% of the ppl cho siao one....Jolene and I paling gila in the middle only..

Jumped before we head to Pelita @ Tesco..that time most of the bloggers dah balik kampung...

Met John from PenangHokkien later on...before he arrived we were eating and an old Malay guy came to ask for a chair and we told him that there's someone occupying and he left. 20 minutes later he came over and talked to us:

(can it be considered as talking or what?you judge)

Old man: Where's your friend?
Bloggers: He's not here yet,he's on the way
Old man: Oh...(in a very sarcastic manner)
Bloggers: It's for real ok?
Old man: You cannot be a Malaysian la..
*walks off mumbling with his wife,the couple's faces was so damn crumpled up

At that moment i felt like walking to their faces and tell them: "i give you ten ringgit and you sit here and wait,our friend John of Penang Hokkien is coming!do you read the star?he sudah appear in the star a few times in the past few days?" damn it la wei!

John gave us some "lecture" about podcasting and stuff... we took a groupie before he left,too bad for those that went home earlier... didn't get to meet john in person... He's tall and big size la...

More updates on the PBM coming soon...

Monday, February 26, 2007

My First Time seeing a female in the Gents toilet

Haha.. 15 minutes ago, I went to the toilet upstairs(in my office) to "pang-jeow"(pee).I'm very familiar with that toilet(lol gila toilet ke?), I use it every weekday ok? I entered without looking at the door,the moment in pushed the door knob,I saw a woman in white washing her face at the basin...I quickly turned my head to check whether its the Gents or not? haha.. walao!Gents la,I told her:"this is the gents.." she quickly replied:"sorry,sorry,sorry,sorry..." I even told her:"nevermind"... sweat la? my brain ada reflex signal,so once ppl say sorry over a small matter,i usually reply nevermind..

But was it "nevermind"?that's for you to judge..

Btw,there was a guy "baking chocolate cake" inside,so i wonder the girl did any "water releasing activity" or any "cake baking activity" in there haha...

going back to work! cya~!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Created a Flickr Acc for Penang Bloggers

Created a flickr account for all of the bloggers to post their pics from the bloggers meet!

paiseh i put male,i'm not a chauvinist or what,its just that i'm a male so i just put lo!

What's your favourite pastime? obviously Blogging? haha

I fill in the birthday 25th February 2007 but i'm suppose to be older that 2 years old to create an account.

So i letak 100 years ago 1907 haha! Hope you guys upload the pics.

Please refer to http://penangbloggersmeet.blogspot.com/