Saturday, January 20, 2007

Flashback: CLHS Graduation Ceremony 2006

In class

The CLHS Grad Ceremony 2006 was on the 3rd of November 2006. We gathered in class around 7+ am...

Eat and Play

While other classes(like the highest pic in the pic on top) makan makan n enjoy, my classmates' hands got itchy and its time for a bit of BlackJack!(Gambling in school pulak..xD)

Down Memory Lane

Me n one of my best friends... Chan Wei

Retro Groupie

I asked them to look at different directions when we took this pic haha... and it turned out like this lo...

Chun Yang,Danny and Logic

Chun Yang aka High Libido, Danny aka Mr.Penang, Ji Yuan aka Logic

A Bunch of Crazy Monkeys

We Jumped and Jumped and Jumped like a bunch of monkeys...
They were cool GRAD JUMPS! inspired by smashpOp

Don't Shoot

Teong Phei posing with Chan Wei...

Kaki Bola

My Kaki Bola Friends! Yi Qiao,Chan Wei,Larry n ME!

grown taller

Grown Taller? Nothing more that I can say...


Here comes Groupies...Yippie!

Class Groupie

Took this Groupie when we lined up to go to the hall for the grad ceremony,that was the last time for some of us to actually line up and go to the hall in a group...

15 20 45

Haha... Everyone knows the BIG SHOTS give boring speeches....we played the classic 十五;二十(15;20) but with 9 persons playing at the same time we had to sum up till 45...

It's party time!

2 dudes sneaked out of the hall to buy us food,if i've not mistaken its Sheng Yan n Beng Yaw(or maybe Hun Pin also...paiseh i forgot)

pics X3


what is he doing

Tzyy Zhun at the back don't know doing what? stim stim there... haha..

Note: I'm really happy that I finally updated my blog... its 10.44 pm and my dad is asking me to sleep early and be healthy... I'm just glad... signing off.. ciao~!

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