Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Flashback: Dim Sum gathering before SPM

A few days before our first SPM paper, we planned to ponteng sekolah(skip school) to have Dim Sum together. We planned to go to Maxim Dim Sum at Taman Pekaka but unfortunately it wasn't open for business on that particular day, hence Kenny brought us to this Dim Sum place at Bayan Baru that serves Dim Sum that tastes...(see below for further details)
Marilah Makan!

Come Come Come! Eat! Eat! Eat!

Story Telling Time

Kok Hung telling his grandma old tales haha xD....

Dim Sum Tasting

Nothing More Than I Can Say..?

Boleh Makan lah!!

He says still can eat lah...

Take 1 Take 2

"The Bermuda Triangle"? No lar...we just sit near to each other in class in a triangular dimension.

Black n White Groupie

They really didn't 'pakat'... 3 white 3 black...

Are they big or am I small?

Haha...Kok Hung looks so small in between Danny and Sheng Yan

Dim Sum Tower

a stacked up tower...

Siao Groupie

It was fun... Hooray! Miss the great moments during my schooling days...

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sorry Guys For D'Absence

Hey dudes and chicks! Sorry for my absence. I faced some problems with my internet acess,hence I couldn't update my blog nor sign in my MSN.(of course la...no connection boleh buat ape?)

I'm currently working at AMD as a Temp. Worker.I'm in the financial department doing some paperwork and sort of like an office boy la... I get to use the PC early in the morning because I take the BAS KILANG to work so I arrive damn earlier than others....

Will get my computer into shape soon... see ya guys!