Sunday, September 10, 2006

Chung Ling High School's creative songs!

We all know how great Chung Ling High School is... Its a symbol of the chinese community in Penang and even the rest of the world... You can check out some stuffs about my school in wikipedia here.

For the past few years, a few *creative* songs of thoughts,opinions,criticism etc has been composed and as a Chung Ling student myself,it gives me mixed feelings,because I feel proud when our student can have the ability to compose so well but in another point of view,they're also spreading the deterioration and the dark side of Chung Ling.I've decided to post it up because I just received another new version and I think we as Chung Ling'ers have nothing to hide... We are brought up in this school,we have to admit our weaknesses and the flaws of this so called *best-school-in-penang*...

You can download the latest R & B songs at this link:

The other older songs:
A mix of both of the above

(if the links won't work,just add me in MSN at and I'll send them to you)

enjoy! for non-clhs readers,pls note that the songs are sang in rojak language which includes Penang Hokkien(most of it),Mandarin and English.


こうゆうけん said...

WTF... I can't believe this is students made one!!!

teddY said...

Never thought about schools having their Wiki pages! Cool! Must be some super-enthusiastic student who posted the entry + edits by other super enthu students.

Gotta check out my school's too! See whether got or not. Bye!

Ji Yuan said...

koyuuken:yes it is!

teddY:well i think its done by an ex-student...maybe with some help from the school admin

teddY said...

Hey logic, I've found my school's wikipage. This is not any form of advertisement. Haha.

Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, a little bit late.......
Please re-upload the songs, the original download links are expired due to inactivity.

Anonymous said...

ARgggggg.... Sorry, I miss the "(the links won't work after a while,so please add me in msn and i'll send them to you! good luck!)"
Please ignore the post above. I'll add you in msn when i have the time. TQ.