Sunday, August 27, 2006

Four Guys and A Table


Few days ago, Yin Tung asked me out to chill out a bit... He came to my house to give me a lift for supper and on the way to McD Green Lane we saw this car with the 'WULAN' sign... really WU(no)-LAN(d*ck)???

McD Midnight Groupie

From this I see a future potential that this clique will be chatting together in a pub with jugs of beer? We did the guy talk where we talk about problems,women and entertainment lo...

Masyarakat Berbilang Bangsa

We were sitting opposite of the hand washing area so I snapped these pics... 'Ambil Gambar Sempena Hari Merdeka' lolx...

Damn Smelly Fart! know what? I left our seat for a desperate FART!!! xD and Tung left his seat to make a phone call... Sorry lo... I told them I was going to FART and I left and this Tung still go towards my direction? haha

Chun Hoong McD ad

Took this pic of Chun Hoong posing... McD want him to be your ambassador? Hehe xD


Elf @ net said...

I like the wulan thing!!! <-D Unless it has no other meaning (God, let there be another meaning!) that guy is a loser to put this at his car (or anywhere else)!!!

Nyokk said...

so nice i want to eat McD also

Ji Yuan said...

elf:it depends on how you interpret has different meanings...xD

nyokk: swiss no McD? i think quite rare because Europeans don't like fast food joints right?