Saturday, August 19, 2006

Camgigoloing although in unhealthy state?

Sheng Yan and me smiling like that xD so you can see he's quite alright already la!

Sheng Yan and Tzyy Yang.This Sheng Yan still 'perli' Tzyy Yang abt *** *** even he's on his hospital bed... lol

CamGigs!Camwhores!take Take Take! don't stop taking pics!

HAHA! Simon got fired by uhm Mrs. because of a little misunderstanding...


Ghee Hann is here for you!

Cross hands pose!

OSY with head shaky!(no offence) Chuin Yee diper-suansia0-kan like mad and their stupid mouth curse him like mad....haha

Taking care of this giant baby! lolz!


Nyokk said...

so poor thing in hospital

こうゆうけん said...

Lucky huh he?