Saturday, August 05, 2006

Bowling at Penang Bowl

Went bowling last Saturday, dragged until one whole week only decided to post it up because tonight's the Disciplinary Board Annual Dinner so many more pics are coming your way tomorrow!

Yeah! I managed to get only 2 strikes in a row in the second game we played as I almost get a 'turkey'(means 3 strikes in a row)....

ARGH ! left one pin !

Haha...asked my friends to step into the lanes to take pics...

Managed to take some groupies before we left!

After that we went to Chowrasta market to take our brunch and guess what? My friend Larry parked like nobody's business? He passed quite a long time ago you know? I can park a Land Rover, he cannot park this car? (LOL lunsi xD)

Me n the parking attendant guided him indoor n outdoor...still its like this...haihz

OK dog needs to poop...tata

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