Friday, August 25, 2006

5SB4 Steamboat Gathering at FLAME

On a hot and humid Tuesday afternoon, my classmates and I went to FLAME restaurant. Its a steamboat restaurant where actor Zhen Hao Nan is one of the owners.

The buffet menu is quite long but there's nothing really exciting about it...

Before the soup gets hot,its time for us to snap snap snap*

OMG this things tend to happen in steamboat restaurants...pieces of food dropping into drinks...

Lots to catch up after missing out on KAPSIAOing for a few days... and guess what? Chuin Yee passed his motor liscence...we lost count how many times he failed he 7 second bridge thingy...

Danny's story telling session...

Chan Wei's pose for the day... so full!



Elf @ net said...

Man, I wish I was there! Your friends look so cool, it seems such a great evening! How nice can life be at some moments?? :-)
Big hug!
Your Elf May

Elf @ net said...

By the way: the guy at the right from Chan Wei (sitting down, black (Nike?) shirt, smiling nicely) looks really good! O:-)

HaHaHa said...

it seems so nice n enjoy
me din go haiz
i wan go 1 ar
taking test so no transport
hope got next time la

Ji Yuan said...

elf: danny is a great guy!he got the looks the hot bod,he has it all but he's just a bit shy!

hahaha: yeah! dun worry...there's always next time!

Nyokk said...

i want to eat ... booohoooo