Monday, July 17, 2006

Check whether you're chosen for NS (fake de...tertipu)

Dear 17 year old readers, it's finally time to check whether you're chosen to join the Malaysian National Service.

For those who isn't 17 years old yet or already overaged, feel free to have a look at
Kenny Sia's funny post about the Malaysian 's funny post about the Malaysian NS.

Here's how you check by SMS :

Pertanyaan Pemilihan (Balloting)

  • Taipkan "KN(ruang) e.g. KN(ruang)871004104567

  • Hantarkan SMS anda ke 32232

  • Sistem kami akan membalas SMS anda e.g. 871004104567 Abdul Ghani Abbas telah/(tidak) dipilih untuk menyertai PLKN.Sekian,terimakasih.

Check out the official website :

I checked it out and it says I didn't KENA ! yippie ! Yin Tung oso didn't kena! But Melvin and Loke Sinn's reply was something like:

  • PLKN: Data Penempatan 2004/2005 sudah sedia. Penempatan 2005/2006 masih dikemaskini. Untuk semakan taip KP No KP, cth: KP 881212105533 dan hantar ke 32232

So I guess they haven't 100% finalised... But they didn't receive a confirmed answer means they have a higher chance of KENAing... Mine one replied :

  • PLKN 89XXXX-07-XXXX tidak dipilih untuk menyertai PLKN. Sila pastikan No KP dimasukkan dengan betul. Taip KN & hantar ke 32232. Terima Kasih.


Melvin is the president of CLHS Tennis Club and Loke Sinn is the honourary secretary of CLHS St.John, and I heard that people with these kind of position in schools are more likely to be chosen... Yes or No ? Still a mystery... Wei Yuan,the president of CLHS computer club sent a message too but still no reply and he claims that he can't sleep without receiving a reply...

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