Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Bodies that people dream for at this era

A women's ideal body.

Nick Auger 2004 Model Universe

A men's ideal body.

To achieve these kind of beautiful body, people go to the gym and go on diet or starve...
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Good Luck !


skinny said...

Dieting or starving yourself will NEVER give you a body like this. You have to exerceise and eat healthy.

I would die for a body like that guy...maybe in 6-12 more months :) :)

Ji Yuan said...

Going on a diet means having a discipline food intake regardless its a good or bad diet. Your diet is more important than your workout.

Eat Healthy = Have an Healthy Diet

Anyway I was merely stating people do those things hoping to achieve their dream bodies but doesn't mean they will achieve it. =)

Work Hard boy!

Elana said...

Man I wish I had her body! :)