Friday, July 28, 2006

Time for some happy gatherings !

After grumbling my recent bad luck to you guys, happy gatherings followed up!

Let's talk about Freddy's B'day party first...

After tuition,
Lawlen, Yin Tung and I went to Bukit Jambul Complex to get Fred a present before attending his b'day party... We lingered around and finally bought him a size 3 beckham mini football for him and guess what? Yin Tung suggested that we should sign our names on it but we aren't going back home just to get a marker pen and the logical LogicYuan(which is me! lolx) thought of going to popular bookstore to TEST-WRITE... Isn't it a consumer right to try the marker pen before purchasing? I signed first and the rest follow... Sounds cheap-skate? Eventually I bought the July issue of Men's Health magazine there,cover model featuring Malaysian national soccer player Liew Kit Kong...

Actually, the three of us prepared for the worst at Fred's place because the last year we went it was so boring until we had to play strip poker to spice things up...pathetic huh?
But everything turn out cool this time! He set up a karaoke station...He set up his PS2...His PC open for all...etc... haha
Yin Tung and I sang "The Best Of Chinese Hits", Geng Gou Kam Kok, by Leo Ku (as translated by Tung here). Both of us was flattered because we have been waiting for an oppurtunity to sing this song in front of a crowd together...Thank god it turned out well! A bunch of friends were absorbed by our singing(over-bragging?real le...paiseh!) although we gone off key in certain parts. Phew...both of us were 'IN' the song that time....

The B'day boy

Freddy blowing candle

We spotted him wearing someting unusual :

Here Come's Sperman!

Here come's SPERMAN! We chatted about it and he actually tried to act and pretend that he didn't know about it until we told him? too bad he isn't qualified to win the Oscars...

Group pic before leaving
At last... a small group pic before leaving... too bad we didn't take a huge group pic with everybody there... i think appox. 50 people there!

Had a great time! Thanks Freddy...

Now let's move on to the dinner last night... My friends came back from England for a long holiday and we went to our first gathering this year.Forget about the dinner because we were so hungry when the dishes was served to the extent that I didn't even bother to take pics...

After the meal we went to Secret Recipe for some cakes as requested by Kim Lin.

Of course....I have to show something to my loyal readers over here...A groupie is a must!

But WTF ! This inconsiderative,blur and idiotic guy walked across without even looking...damn!

stupid guy interrupting

Here's a better one!

Loh and Capes at Secret Recipe

Weeee.....Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

These 2 weeks had been BAD for me...


I escaped a small demerit last week because of sleeping in class...that day was the first day of the arrival of the terrible haze ! I was tired and my respiratory system was disturbed by the hazy conditions... then came the Fizik (physics) period... argh...before the teacher came in, more than 5 persons were sleeping in class... she came in without asking us to wake up... we continued sleeping and in the end she wrote the code 012 which is the offence code for sleeping in class in the buku pemantauan...
and we went like argh.....damn it...n sleep again...since we 'paid' so we might as well 'use' it...
3 out of 5 of use planned to skip school next day and went to see a doctor that day to get a medical certificate to prove that we were really sick(n we were really sick!)
the next day,we stayed at home n another day we went to school n went to see the notorious discipline teacher,here's a stupid case my friend encountered with her. we got to know that the two that didn't try to follow our plans confirmed themselves a small demerit each... after much negotiation we decided to bring it back to the physics teacher... it was very humiliating for me to go beg that teacher with a freaking revolting attitude... but in life...we have to act n we have to forget about our honour survive in this world...we have to do whatever it mood to talk abt this case liao...let u all know the end result can d.....we wrote a appology letter with the signatures of our parents n settle d...

next case....the same day my SD card n reader got confiscated...n u know what? it was all for the school ! damn it man! i brought it for the graduation magazine video production and editing... I want to go out this saturday to Penang Bowl for some bowling with my classmates...(asked the whole class to go) still thinking of ways of transport and whether my mom will disallow or not...argh!

and so many people died ! A clhs 2005 graduate died in a road accident...he was ran over by a cement lorry, click here for further details. My mom's friend's father in law passed away. A free school student's dad was hit by a lorry after passing some documents to his son in the happened in front of the school at the cheeseman road junction... that daddy always drives his taxi but suddenly that day he borrowed his neighbour's motorcycle...i heard that the sixth form student even blame her kid! wah....i duno wat to say... its nature taking its course isn't it? i personally think its faith la.....heard that person is in great shock now!

then the bees flying around me....weee......the bees sound buzzing around me about a flower....wah.. somemore tell me about another bee from another bee hive also trying to get to the flower... hoooah... (this paragraph...some of my friends will understand.)

signing out......Logica !

ei ! one more fantasy premier league at ok !?

Friday, July 21, 2006

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I kena tipu ler...

A friend of mine sent me a link to check whether i kena NS by SMS....

But I think its wrong because Yin Tung tried with a fake IC number of people borned on the year 1990 and the reply was the same explaining that the person with that number didn't kena...

The real list will be out on september and I'm currently considering whether to volunteer....

Monday, July 17, 2006

Check whether you're chosen for NS (fake de...tertipu)

Dear 17 year old readers, it's finally time to check whether you're chosen to join the Malaysian National Service.

For those who isn't 17 years old yet or already overaged, feel free to have a look at
Kenny Sia's funny post about the Malaysian 's funny post about the Malaysian NS.

Here's how you check by SMS :

Pertanyaan Pemilihan (Balloting)

  • Taipkan "KN(ruang) e.g. KN(ruang)871004104567

  • Hantarkan SMS anda ke 32232

  • Sistem kami akan membalas SMS anda e.g. 871004104567 Abdul Ghani Abbas telah/(tidak) dipilih untuk menyertai PLKN.Sekian,terimakasih.

Check out the official website :

I checked it out and it says I didn't KENA ! yippie ! Yin Tung oso didn't kena! But Melvin and Loke Sinn's reply was something like:

  • PLKN: Data Penempatan 2004/2005 sudah sedia. Penempatan 2005/2006 masih dikemaskini. Untuk semakan taip KP No KP, cth: KP 881212105533 dan hantar ke 32232

So I guess they haven't 100% finalised... But they didn't receive a confirmed answer means they have a higher chance of KENAing... Mine one replied :

  • PLKN 89XXXX-07-XXXX tidak dipilih untuk menyertai PLKN. Sila pastikan No KP dimasukkan dengan betul. Taip KN & hantar ke 32232. Terima Kasih.


Melvin is the president of CLHS Tennis Club and Loke Sinn is the honourary secretary of CLHS St.John, and I heard that people with these kind of position in schools are more likely to be chosen... Yes or No ? Still a mystery... Wei Yuan,the president of CLHS computer club sent a message too but still no reply and he claims that he can't sleep without receiving a reply...

Saturday, July 15, 2006


Its a Saturday night and if I'm not form 5 this year and haven't been going for movies every weekend, I would be in Padang Brown enjoying the atmosphere and waiting anxiously for the fireworks because its the Japanese Ghost Festival Celebrations today a.k.a. Bon Odori.

Since I'm staying home and sitting in front of the PC, I decided to pimp 3 of my buddies new blogs.

If I'm interesting, they're interesting too if not why are they my friends?

By alphabetical order :

for Lawlen
Lawlen's Gay Smile

Lawlen is my a friend of mine that does all the multimedia mad things with me such as Video shooting n Editing, Graphical Alteration,
Star Wars Light Sabre Battles etc...

for Mel


This tall dude plays tennis with me and chat loads with me and exchange opinions(I'm the one giving opinons actually LOL...)
I suggested the phrase eldertwin to be used as him blog URL obviously because he has a younger twin brother.

T for Tungz

Tungz Having A Pretzel

I eat with him, I cho-siao with him, I play football with him, we do gila gila things together and laugh our asses out ! Check him out !

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Bodies that people dream for at this era

A women's ideal body.

Nick Auger 2004 Model Universe

A men's ideal body.

To achieve these kind of beautiful body, people go to the gym and go on diet or starve...
I strongly recommend you to think carefully and seek help from experts first. Click here to check out some articles about weight loss which I think its quite beneficial.
Good Luck !

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Cat's D-day

cat rolled over by cars

A few days ago, I saw this cat's dead body when I went to walk my dog as usual every evening. It was completely flat when I saw it, I suspect that it was ran over by a vehicle and after its intestines came out he suffered to death plus he was ran over more than a few times before it could get that flat as the incident happened in a busy junction.

the dead body of the innocent kitten

In the same hour, my dog killed a kitten(not the one above) !

Argh ! He was a hero when he tried to defend my home from the monitor lizard for the first and second time it invaded my house.

But now... Dino is a murderer....

the innocent kitten's wounded head

My dog bit the kitten and I couldn't do anything about it... I heard the kitten screaming in pain and its bones' 'cracking' sound... my dog left no chance of survival for its natural enemy...

the cat's blood stain on my t-shirt

the kitten's blood even found its place on my t-shirt....

well.....nature took its course...there wasn't anything I could do to save the kitten....

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Maria Sharapova in Wimbledon

Maria Sharapova on court

She's the hottest girl in tennis ! aww.... can't resist her beauty ! Although I don't really like her style of tennis but still she is interesting to watch in a match. She reached the semi-finals in the Wimbledon this year... hope she will do well ! She has the looks of a model but also with great strength and ability to play not like Anna Kournikova that gave up tennis and go full time into the modelling line.

Maria Sharapova in her bikini with never ending long legs... sexy

ouch ! Seductive Maria !

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Girls at Wimbledon II

Li Na on court

Li Na

China's Li Na powered into the quarter-finals of Wimbledon !

The first chinese to reach the quarter finals in the singles event !

Go Li Na ! We are proud of you !

Girls at Wimbledon

Tatiana Golovin (FRA)

This czechoslovakia borned babe with french citizenship is famous for her tiny little hot pants(above).

She lost in the 2nd round this time to Nicole Pratt.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

I vandalised my class desktop

My class desktop

There were writtings of a girl's name that one of my friend admires on my desk so I took a marker pen to shade on those sections but suddenly I got a rush to write my blog's URL on my desk and so I did !