Thursday, April 06, 2006

Flirt up your Life !!!

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For my SINGLE friends(male) out there,

Spice Up Your Life !
I'm not sure whether all of them works but there are some that I quite agree with, hope some guys can benefit from it. ( desperate guys - know who I mean ? lol )

Here's some tips I would share with you guys :

Flirting Technique: Eye-Contact
Most of flirting is done with your eyes. Keep good eye-contact on a woman when you talk to her. Just keep your eyes focused on her bit "too long."

Flirting Technique: Say "Hello" With Energy
When you approach a woman, say "Hello" in a flirty way. It will make her think you e sexier than the average geek who walks up to her and gives her a shy "Hi".

Flirting Technique: Shake Her Hand A Bit Too Long
When you shake her hand, let your hand stay on hers for a bit too long and then brush against her hand as you pull back. Do this while smiling and looking into her eyes sincerely. You don want to come off as a pervert.

Flirting Technique: Repeat The Woman Name
As you talk to her, repeat her name as much as you can. Say her name slow, softly and sensually each time you say it. Example: "Hello, De-bbie, I am very glad you came here..."

Flirting Technique: Stir Your Drink
Stir your drink with a rhythm as you talk to her. The effect can be "hypnotizing" under the right atmosphere.

Flirting Technique: Lower Your Volume
Lower and lower your volume so she has to lean towards you to listen.

Flirting Technique: Whisper
When she gets close enough, whisper to her. This works well in a bar, when the music is so loud you have to talk in each other ears.

Flirting Technique: Be Playful
Ask yourself the following questions:
1) How much fun can I have tonight?
2) What sorts of interesting things can I find out about this girl?

Flirting Technique: Use Nicknames
When you get closer to a woman, make up a cute nickname for her.

Flirting Technique: Touch Her Back
If she starts touching you, then touch her on the shoulder or arm when you laugh. Increase the frequency of touching as the night goes on.

Flirting Technique: Leave Her Wanting More
Do what strippers do the guys. Get a girl all hot and then leave her wanting more!

Flirting Technique: Laugh At Her Jokes
Laugh at her jokes whenever she makes one. Touch her on the arm lightly when you laugh if she already touching you.

Flirting Technique: Listen To Her Stories
Pay attention to what she says. Be focused on her, not on the hot waitress.

Flirting Technique: Drop A Compliment
Drop her a compliment every once in awhile. Not too often though!

Flirting Technique: Tease Her
Incorporate teasing into your flirting. Tease her till she's wet!

Flirting Technique: Get More Personal
Ask her more and more personal questions as the evening progresses. Things about her childhood, etc!

Note: I will not be responsible if anything occur to your life because of this. Thanks.

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Elf @ net said...

:-D This is very funny! Haha! Now I know that, whenever I meet a guy doing more than one of those, he's up to something, so I'll give him a hard time in flirting! :-P

Just relax and be yourself, guys, so that, whenever she gets the hots for you, you're sure it's YOU she's getting the hots for, and not for a list you're acting to.

Good luck!!!
Elf May