Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Just In Case You Guys Don't Get It !

Here are 25 signs a woman likes you...

1) She asks people lots of questions about you.

2) She flirts with you, and you only.

3) She talks about you a lot in front of other people.

4) She talks to you about things she has heard from friends.

5) She keeps asking about your love life.

6) She teases you a lot.

7) She blushes in red when she sees you.

8) She tenses up when you touch her but does not attempt to move away at all.

9) She doesn't look away when you check her out.

10) She constantly adjusts or smoothes your clothing's.

11) She starts a conversation with you, when you don't know her.

12) She gives you all her contact information when you just ask for her numberor email.

13) She gets jealous when you flirt with other women.

14) She dresses up when sees you.

15) She laughs at all your jokes.

16) She thrusts her breasts out while talking to you.

17) She wants to spend time with you.

18) She's very "obedient".

19) She acts excessively offended when you tease her and tries to get you to"make it up".

20) She TALKS about getting angry at you, but never does.

21) She invites you over at night.

22) She calls you or talks to you for no reason.

23) She asks you out to an event with her.

24) She comments how great you smell.

25) She plays with your hair.

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