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F cup 11 year old !!!?!?!!?

Image hosting by PhotobucketSaaya Irie, the name synonymous with the Japanese underground culture, may never put on a bathing suit again. The 11-year old Japanese girl best known for her scandalous F-cups vaulted into world-wide fame through an article printed in the Japan Times which stated her presence may ease tension between China and Japan. The article mentions the busty Saaya’s picture posted on a popular Chinese Internet forum with a slogan reading: “"An 11-year-old Japanese girl with large breasts has a proclamation for all Chinese people! Dear elder brothers, a beautiful young Japanese girl is beseeching you.
"Please stop these anti-Japanese hijinks. If you don't, I won't like you anymore."
To make the entire ordeal more sordid, the slogan continues that her breasts would "rise up" if the people "unite for the sake of China's democracy."

Image hosting by PhotobucketThey had posted the photo in a largely anti-Japanese forum, in which there stood a sharp decline in anti-Japanese sentiment to be replaced with praise for the girl’s beauty. One admirer responded that “This is one Japanese import I will not be boycotting” while another insisted she had to be older. The Japanese wonder is fast becoming an Internet superstar, with one Chinese search engine reporting over 50,000 queries for the keywork “Saaya.”
Saaya who debuted in Japan this February, grabbed national headlines for her youth and her bust is terrified of the worldwide attention she has garnered. Her talent agency released her official statement which outlines her surprise in being included to play a role in smoothing bilateral relations. Saaya is quoted as saying “I’m shocked. I wish they would stop” she continues “I would like to see good relations between Japan and China. If relations are good, I think everyone will be happy”

Image hosting by PhotobucketAs a result of all this attention, the members of her singing troupe “Sweet Kiss,” which include 13-year old Runa and 11-year old Jessica, have also considered no longer posing in bikini’s. A statement by Ishida Yuuichiro, the groups management, revealed that they had never expected such feedback from the internet and adult magazines. He concludes that although the media attention was beneficial for the group, he didn’t want them to focus on Saaya’s large breasts and wanted the group to be recognized for talent and not Saaya’s large breasts.
The most terrifying aspect of Sweet Kiss might be that the fledgling group, with next to no ties to the music and television industries, might depend on the media stir caused by the oversized bust of a girl yet to enter her teenage years. Only the future holds the answer to whether or not the artistic integrity of the group can overcome an overflowing F-cup.


Having many readers that don't understand how cup size is determined and keep on thinking that its impossible for young people to have large breast,here is the info you need to read and understand that cup size is about your frame and your breast,so some people with A cup but has a larger frame may have larger breasts than a person with a small frame that has a B cup size.


To determine your correct bra and cup size, you will need a tape measure, in inches. Then, CLICK HERE for our computer calculator and follow the instructions.
If you prefer to do it out by hand, read and follow the instructions below. You will need a tape measure (preferably paper) in inches, and a pencil. (Optimally, you should be wearing your most comfortable bra when the following measurements are done, though this is not mandatory.)
There are 2 variables we need to determine to correctly find your bra and cup size. These variables are your frame size and your chest+breast size. Keep in mind, however, that determining your bra and cup size is no an exact science. If you find you should be wearing a 34 C, but a 32 B fits you better, obviously get the more comfortable one!
1. Determine Frame & Bra SizeThe frame size is the diameter around your chest JUST BELOW your breasts. Using the tape measure, measure around your ribcage directly under your breasts. There should be no breast tissue measured while determining your frame size. Record your results on the printed form.
To determine the bra size, add 5 to this number. If the number you get is odd, round up to the next even number. For example, if your frame size is 26 inches, when you add 5 to this you get 31 inches. You should therefore round up to the even number which is 32 inches (since bras only come in even numbers). This is your bra size, 32 inches.
2. Determine Breast SizeThe next measurement goes around the chest over and including the fullest part of your bust (usually at the level of the nipples). Technically, you should take this measurement while wearing a comfortable bra. This is the diameter of your chest+breast. Record this number on the form.
3. Calculate Cup SizeNow, take the chest + breast size number, and subtract your bra size number. Then use the table below to determine your cup size.
Difference (line 5 minus 4)

Image hosting by Photobucket

4. ExampleLet's assume your frame size is 31 inches, your bra size is therefore 36 inches (31 + 5 = 36 inches). In addition, assume you measured your chest+breast size at 40 inches. Now, take your chest+breast size (40), and subtract your bra size (36). You get 4 inches as the difference. Using the table above, you find that anyone with a difference between 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 inches (including 4) has a cup size D. Your correct bra and cup size is therefore 36 D.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

[PIC]F1 Boss Hands on *Ahem*

I didn't know the F1 circuit involves "this" until I saw this pic.... lolx just for laughs!

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Shaky Lim!

This video is made by some ex-clhs student.
(if your bandwidth is a bit slow,pause the clip and wait for it to finish buffering then play or you can replay the video if you it has no continuity during the first time)
Please be aware of every detail movement made by the "actor"....

You guys know whoever it is in the video?


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Indonesian Beauty - Mariana Renata

Saw her pretty face on tv in an advertisement for Astro Ria's movies called Janji Joni. Decided to search using google and found out she has such a great smile. See for yourself.

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MALAYSIA's Top Models...

Amber Chia , Carmen Soo and another malaysian model

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