Friday, November 18, 2005

Just in case you guys want to pay this stall a visit, it is situated near Lebuh Presgraves(more known as "sa diao lo").Just turn left at the first junction in Lebuh Presgraves and you'll see a stall with blue shades like what you see in the thumbnail.

We ordered Yam Rice with four dishes which consisted Egg Soup,Raddish Soup,Fried Fish & Prawns and "Dao Eu Bak"(pork cooked with soya sauce).

Everything was superb but the specialty is the Egg Soup.I bet most of you never savoured the taste of a bowl of egg soup,its really hard to guess how they cook eggs with soup,normally it would go hay wire. Actually I've made a detail description of all the food but it was deleted accidentally and I'm too lazy to retype the whole thing,I shall let the pictures do the talking!

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