Sunday, October 09, 2005

School Discipline

The ambitious school principal always wanted something new. Discipline will be hard to control with almost 8000 students studying from 7.40AM to 6.30PM. Prefects and patrols won't be able to search and destroy all the rebels in the big school. (HEY, they are STUDENTS too manz, they can't work all day...)
Your best bet... join Vader! LOlz... Storm Troopers can work extra time, 24-7, keeping the school, a friendly place to study! Watch the amount of Rebels in the school decreases while more and more people stay loyal to the Empire. Like old Sith quotes "Die Jedi, Die!"
Starring, Prasis A/L Ja Singh, Fazli Muhammad, Jian Xiang and Kam Lam.Storm Trooper model by JJ for WOTR project.Animated by Lawrence.Shot took at CLHS Physic Science lab by Lawrence.
This is just some star wars madness of my friend Lawrence Yap Tze Leong. Actually there's only 3000 pupils in my school,saying 8000 is a bit of exaggeration.


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