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Cover girls sell their souls to Satan, expert says! Image hosted by


ENVIOUS of those flawlessly beautiful supermodels who get paid a fortune to flaunt their fabulous figures in designer clothes? Don't be -- many of them will wind up burning in the fires in Hell for all eternity!

Shockingly, many top-tier cover girls have signed a pact with the Devil, a leading expert in the occult asserts.

"Before they sold their souls to Satan, most of these women had faces that would stop a clock -- you'd be stunned at what plain Janes they were," claims Harold Iggleton, author of the upcoming book, Satan's Supermodels: The Untold Story of Devil-Worship in the Fashion Industry.

'The Evil One used his dark powers to remake these 'nobodies' from top to bottom -- taking away their flabby guts, sagging behinds and oversized schnozzes, while endowing them with high cheekbones, long, shapely legs and tight, toned buns."

The author refused to name names, saying readers will "have to buy the book" when it hits store shelves in July to find out whether their favorite supermodel is in league with the Devil.

But as a tantalizing preview, he provided Weekly World News exclusively with stunning "before" photos of the Hellbound glamour girls.

"One was a lonely fat girl with terrible acne everyone in junior high called 'Pizza Face' until a Goth classmate introduced her to Satanism," he reveals.

"Another had an okay face, but stood a mere 5-foot-1 -- way too short to be a professional model -- before Satan gave her a 'boost.'"

But beauty -- and the glamorous lifestyle, fame and fortune enjoyed by supermodels -- comes at a terrible price.

"In return, the models must engage in unspeakable orgiastic rituals involving human sacrifice plus date really unattractive older Satanist priests," the researcher contends.

"They must also corrupt the youth of the world by promoting materialism, sexual irresponsibility and other things that Lucifer cherishes.

" Here, from the author, are five signs that your favorite supermodel is a tool of Satan:

1. Has a romantic relationship with a rock musician. "It's long been established that rock is the Devil's music," Iggleton points out.

2. Bears the "Devil's Mark." Fashion editors may generously describe a prominent mole or blemish as a "beauty mark," but witch-hunters as far back as medieval times have recognized it as a sign that a person has been marked by Lucifer.

3. Caught by paparazzi engaged in immoral conduct such as raunchy same-sex dancing.

4. Never seen in public holding a Bible.

5. Causes happily married men to have immoral urges. "If your husband comes out of the bathroom red-faced and clutching the swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated, you can be sure one of Satan's minions is having an effect on him," Iggleton points out.

My comments:

This passage may not be totally facts but I personally believe that a lot of parts are true.

When I was brought up, I've heard many stories from elders and I got to know some local cases. Girls who are ugly that wanted to get married will seek for "the bomoh's"(Malaysian witch) help.

They implant several needles into their faces and cast some spell on them so that they'll look like the most gorgeous women on earth.They must not remove the needle on their own or else they will be ugly like a monster forever.However,they can go back to the spellcaster to remove it but they'll look old and crumpled,anytime uglier than before.

Fact or Fiction? You Decide!

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