Sunday, October 30, 2005

Friendster Testimonial Anaylisis No.4

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Thanks for the compliment Yi Qiao ! I don't know I have sharp features,but to be honest do I have?

Alamk,disturb by acne.....YA,it was terrible back then last december...My face was in terrible condition!!! when I say terrible,it is definitely terrible,horrible and "vegetable" !! LOLx...
Now different,cured already,you can see my clear face in my blog!

Very straight with my words huh? ya, its true when I'm with true friends.Should be told in a different way?I think so but being my true friend they'll understand me.

Very wise and full of knowledge on almost everything......hmm....thanks once again,I guess maybe I'll have to agree...haha

Friends Forever to you too PAL !


Friendster Testimonial Analysis No.3

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RAYNE,known as tze yee that studies in PCGHS form 4 that is very active in her St.John activities.Known her in MSN Messenger through a friend of mine called Lawrence Yap Tze Leong.Added her and chatted regularly until few months ago,don't know why she stops going online or changed account? Erm....almost nothing is wrong about describing me in the testimonial.Enjoy knowing me!

Thousand THANK YOUs !!!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Friendster Testimonial Analysis No.2

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My Friend Woo Chien Yee,
Yup,I knew him since primary school but seldom talked to him as we were in different classes back then.He is also a good friend of my friend Yin Tung so whenever we hang out he'll be with us.

We got closer when I joined their maths tuition in form 2.He remarked " he is veri FUNNY 1 loh... " is because I always joke during maths tuition and we'll just laugh till the roof drop.

Thank You and Friends Forever.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Friends vs Best Friend

Friend: calls your parents by mr. and mrs.
Best friend: calls your parents dad and mom.

Friend: has never seen u cry
Best friend: has always had the best shoulder to cry on

Friend: never asks for anything to eat or drink
Best friend: opens da fridge and makes herself at home

Friend: asks you to write down ur number.
Best friend: they ask you for their number (cuz! ! they can't remember it)

Friend: borrows your stuff for a few days then gives it back.
Best friend: has a closet full of ur stuff

Friend: only knows a few things about u
Best friend: could write a biography on ur life story

Friend: will leave you behind if that is what the crowd is doing
Best friend: will always go with u

Friend: would delete this letter
Best friend: will send this back to me and all of their online buddies

Friends Forever!!!!!!!!

Written with a pen,If you are my friend,
Please answer this:Are we friends or are we not?
You told me once, but I forgot.
So tell me now and tell me true,
So I can say, I am here for you.


Got this from a Friendster message.Thought that some of them are tru so I decided to share it with my viewers.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Deceiving Kids...

Subject: Makan sayur banyak boleh gemuk???





I got this from a chain-mail.

I posted this to warn kids out there about this deceiving information no matter where you got it from please DO NOT believe what it tells you!

Eat your greens as your mom asked you to ! Its good for you !

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Cover girls sell their souls to Satan, expert says! Image hosted by


ENVIOUS of those flawlessly beautiful supermodels who get paid a fortune to flaunt their fabulous figures in designer clothes? Don't be -- many of them will wind up burning in the fires in Hell for all eternity!

Shockingly, many top-tier cover girls have signed a pact with the Devil, a leading expert in the occult asserts.

"Before they sold their souls to Satan, most of these women had faces that would stop a clock -- you'd be stunned at what plain Janes they were," claims Harold Iggleton, author of the upcoming book, Satan's Supermodels: The Untold Story of Devil-Worship in the Fashion Industry.

'The Evil One used his dark powers to remake these 'nobodies' from top to bottom -- taking away their flabby guts, sagging behinds and oversized schnozzes, while endowing them with high cheekbones, long, shapely legs and tight, toned buns."

The author refused to name names, saying readers will "have to buy the book" when it hits store shelves in July to find out whether their favorite supermodel is in league with the Devil.

But as a tantalizing preview, he provided Weekly World News exclusively with stunning "before" photos of the Hellbound glamour girls.

"One was a lonely fat girl with terrible acne everyone in junior high called 'Pizza Face' until a Goth classmate introduced her to Satanism," he reveals.

"Another had an okay face, but stood a mere 5-foot-1 -- way too short to be a professional model -- before Satan gave her a 'boost.'"

But beauty -- and the glamorous lifestyle, fame and fortune enjoyed by supermodels -- comes at a terrible price.

"In return, the models must engage in unspeakable orgiastic rituals involving human sacrifice plus date really unattractive older Satanist priests," the researcher contends.

"They must also corrupt the youth of the world by promoting materialism, sexual irresponsibility and other things that Lucifer cherishes.

" Here, from the author, are five signs that your favorite supermodel is a tool of Satan:

1. Has a romantic relationship with a rock musician. "It's long been established that rock is the Devil's music," Iggleton points out.

2. Bears the "Devil's Mark." Fashion editors may generously describe a prominent mole or blemish as a "beauty mark," but witch-hunters as far back as medieval times have recognized it as a sign that a person has been marked by Lucifer.

3. Caught by paparazzi engaged in immoral conduct such as raunchy same-sex dancing.

4. Never seen in public holding a Bible.

5. Causes happily married men to have immoral urges. "If your husband comes out of the bathroom red-faced and clutching the swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated, you can be sure one of Satan's minions is having an effect on him," Iggleton points out.

My comments:

This passage may not be totally facts but I personally believe that a lot of parts are true.

When I was brought up, I've heard many stories from elders and I got to know some local cases. Girls who are ugly that wanted to get married will seek for "the bomoh's"(Malaysian witch) help.

They implant several needles into their faces and cast some spell on them so that they'll look like the most gorgeous women on earth.They must not remove the needle on their own or else they will be ugly like a monster forever.However,they can go back to the spellcaster to remove it but they'll look old and crumpled,anytime uglier than before.

Fact or Fiction? You Decide!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Japanese Encounter

Just yesterday I planned to workout in the gym at BJCC. Since I'll be there,I thought I might as well play some tennis with my friend Jia Long to give him some encouragement.After playing with him,I go to the golfers' changing room to take a bath.

After my bath,I put on my clothes and headed to the hairdryer.I saw this Japanese walked past me on the way to the shower exposing his genitals,I wasn't really shock as it's the changing room although its not what normal local people do.I've seen men exposing their full body there around a dozen times and all of them are Japanese.

Next,I went to open my locker and put on my shoes.The Japanese man came out from the shower and approached me.He saw me carrying a large tennis bag so he asked whether I am a tennis player in English(Japanese slang).I replied "ya".

He told me he loves tennis very much,I was being friendly but I think I wasn't friendly enough.Somemore,he asked where I'm from,I told him I'm from Penang and he gave me a curious look thinking that how on earth I can be a Malay when I look so chinese.He asked again curiously "You are from...?",I told him I am chinese.

He thought that I was a PRO,saying "You play professional?",I smiled and told him I am just 16 years old.Then,he asked whether I play ITF tournaments,in my mind I was like "Oh My God!" and I simply denied and told him I just play some local tournaments.

As my grandpa was on they way to pick me up,I told him it was nice to meet him and left.While I was waiting I kept thinking I should have been more friendly,at least I should shake hands with him although he was wet with a towel around his waist.I should even talked to him about his golf game as I also play some golf,ask him whether it is true that its cheaper to travel and play than to play in Japan and many many other things.

I was a bit excited and I forgot that I went for some Japanese classes and should've said a few Japanese words.

It was just me sitting there waiting while thinking I should have been more friendly and warm as a Malaysian to foreigners that visits our country.Not long after that,he came out walking to his car and I spotted him among his friends and I gave him a warm smile and he did the same too.I overheard him saying " Tennis player des " to his friends during his walk.

I've met many foreigners and was able to correspond well with people of various cultures but this is just one of my few encounters with foreign strangers and I guess I will be more prepared if I meet somemore in the future.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Piggy Comedy

Have a look at this piggy comedy, made-in-Singapore , sorry if you don't understand mandarin!

4SA2 Prank 2

After the success of 4SA2 Prank 1st episode, they decided to make a series of them. Here is the 2nd episode of 4SA2 Prank. Thanks.
(recorded in their class, spoken in english)

NOTE: contains some explicit content

To listen to it online without downloading it, juz click on the link.
To download it, right click and select "save target as".
(approx 1.4mb)

>>>>personal comments: This isn't as good as the 1st one,it is blur in certain parts but its fully in english,easier to enjoy for those who do not understand mandarin that much.

ya,sure !

Friday, October 14, 2005

4SA2 Prank

This is a prank pulled by one of the student of my friend's class againts another student of the class ... the latter admires and idolize a young japanese actress n the former is interviewing him about his opinion towards her... Do enjoy~
(recorded in class, spoken in english n chinese)

NOTE: contains explicit content

To listen to it online without downloading it, juz click on the link.
To download it, right click and select "save target as".

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Mdm. Premalata's B'day Cake

Few weeks ago,she told us that she will be away for a week for a trip to Oregon,USA and we were doing the same old thing to her telling her we are so "SAD" that we won't be able to see her for a week and we will "MISS" her and stuffs.
A few days later we asked many question about her like we usually do to keep her chatting and reduce the teaching time. We found out that her birthday is on the 14th of October and she will not be in Penang on that day, so we had a plan to celebrate it before she leaves which is on 10.10.05(Monday).
IN the beautiful 10th October morning she came into class during the first period which is an EST period. I asked her whether she wants a birthday party or not and she was very happy accept it, BUT we laughed and I said : "Teacher, we said for fun only,you believe?"

Suprise Her !

Actually we planned to suprise her during our English period which is also taught by her. And we asked "the donkey"(right,called by Prema) to present her the b'day cake. She was so happy but still covered her mouth when she laughed, I guess her mom's traditional Indian women training paid off?


Our friend Zi Sheng here who likes to talk rubbish and 'perli' her gets to be called DONKEY everyday acting super lame to be funny.


4SA5's great monitor, the famous Phang Rijen represents the class to give present her the gift.


Holding her chest to blow the candle? Think that we guys are perverts? HUH !?!?!
Just kidding, natural la...As a women,she has to protect


She cuts the cake gently.

Pulling the Candle with her Mouth....

We asked her to take it out with her mouth and she was a bit suprised why we ask her to do that ???
She thought that it was a tradition or something and asked rijen what does that means,unfortunately rijen didn't hear it and she did it anyway!!! We all clapped to see our teacher being played a fool? just a lame joke...

" Little Girl " needs to be fed

We asked rijen to FEED her...haha...

Hindi Song : Kuchh Kuchh Hota Hai

Recently, I brought my mp3 to school and offered to her to listen but she says she only listens to Indian songs so the only Hindi song I know is "Kuchh Kuchh Hota Hai" , so I searched for it in Limewire and downloaded it. Its a great song and I loved it when i was 9(1998) when the movie was released.
I printed the lyrics(in alphabets) the night before and kind of sang it in my bedroom.
So we requested for her to sing in our class and I lent her my lyrics. Wow...and guess what?
Her voice was terrific, she sounds like a bollywood star. I think she might undergone some training in some Indian music academy where they learn to sing and dance?


So happy until her eyes spill with tears.


Pupils called for ENCORE when the 4SA3 students noticed that there is a party going on over in our class and we told them how great her singing is.
She was delighted to entertain everyone as we made her happy. We clapped a little early before the song ends.

4 Donkeys and a Stallion

Our stallion BEH is on the LEFT. We all fool around all day long.


Its my turn now...
They asked me to sing after she sang and how can I refuse in such an occasion,so I just sang.
And I think I did well although I forgot the pronounciation of some words.

Open Sesame

It's a lame old photo album. They bought the same thing as they gave to the trainee that left.


These are crazy dudes that takes off others shorts and pants...
We are SICK. We call ourselves T-Com(Tupperware Comittee).
We hang the tupperwares on our neck for identity and for convinience to pour water into victims' underwear.
I couldn't believe that we got her to hang it too.


TWO crazy guys who gets demerit like having lunch.

YEAH !!!

Hard to believe that she agreed to tie the cake box ribbon on her forehead.........

Leaves the classroom

Its happy to make others happy

Sunday, October 09, 2005

School Discipline

The ambitious school principal always wanted something new. Discipline will be hard to control with almost 8000 students studying from 7.40AM to 6.30PM. Prefects and patrols won't be able to search and destroy all the rebels in the big school. (HEY, they are STUDENTS too manz, they can't work all day...)
Your best bet... join Vader! LOlz... Storm Troopers can work extra time, 24-7, keeping the school, a friendly place to study! Watch the amount of Rebels in the school decreases while more and more people stay loyal to the Empire. Like old Sith quotes "Die Jedi, Die!"
Starring, Prasis A/L Ja Singh, Fazli Muhammad, Jian Xiang and Kam Lam.Storm Trooper model by JJ for WOTR project.Animated by Lawrence.Shot took at CLHS Physic Science lab by Lawrence.
This is just some star wars madness of my friend Lawrence Yap Tze Leong. Actually there's only 3000 pupils in my school,saying 8000 is a bit of exaggeration.

Testimonial Analysis

After using Friendster which is a friends making network,I've received some testimonials from my nice friends that are willing to sacrifice their precious time to testify my personality.

Let me say THANK YOU here! I write this to acknowledge their effort and also to pour out my views about the testimonials.

1st Analysis
Image hosted by

Melvin Goh, he is indeed the first person to write me a Friendster testimonial. I also requested for it because I was new to Friendster back then and curious about testimonials.I'm not trying to bloat but I think I'm quite a cool friend as I try to joke at times and make fun. I am indeed honest(I don't lie unless its for others good),straight forward(very,to ones who i care),down to earth(most of the time).

" SOMETIMES TOO STRAIGHT FORWARD CAN HURT U,EG. SHOOTING PPL IN THE FACE ", I do this for their own good and thank god for a friend like Mel that understands...

I am active in sports,in fact sports means A WHOLE LOT to me. Cool to hang out with? Not too sure about this because my taste is kind of different sometimes.

----End of first analysis----

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Emotionally inbalanced teachers......

There are some teachers that I heard that are really mad in my school or rather some were.

A teacher that likes to bloat and tell stories in my school called Mr.Y told us the story about the legendary "THAM".
THAM is a teacher when Mr.Y was studying in the same school. THAM is the notorious ''PINCHER". He punishes students by pinching their TESTICLES......

Around the same period of time, another teacher that has gone crazy did something during assembly.I am not sure about his name. I just know it from a ex-student of my school, he told me that a teacher just took off his own pants in front of everybody during assembly.........

The next one will be a teacher that punishes his students and if you can take it he REWARDS you. If you have any wrongdoings, he will punish you by asking you to put both of ur hands up to shoulder height and he'll weigh some books or boxes of chalks on it, if you can stay up for 15 minutes or 30 minutes(i'm not pretty sure), he will not give you any demerit or caning,for bonus he takes out his wallet and pays you RM50.....

Now to the main point of this topic...about the pic...
This teacher i shall call him TT punishes his students by sending them to the centre of all classes- the clock tower. He dislikes it when students do not stand up properly or do not concentrate during class, he will remember who did what and then dress them up as "benggali"(punjabi) with the turban on their head and because punjabis are famous for being guards because of their size,the "victim" is asked to hold a broom as a subsitute for a gun. Making fun of the student and crush their self esteem is the way he mentally tortures(maybe my words are a little harsh) his students. All the classes can easily have a good view at the "victim" as it is located at the central of the school buildings.


Saturday, October 01, 2005


These are cool hand and arm arts. Enjoy!

Decorated cartoon food

These food makes me hungry....I am going for lunch now...