Monday, September 12, 2005

War of the Shorts/Pants

I still remember back then when I was standard 6 and my god bro(not chung ling student) told me that Chung Ling student's shorts get pulled down on their birthday and I was a bit curious about that.

After I went into Chung Ling, nothing like this really happened in my surroundings. Things went smooth until this year where I turn form 4. Form 4 is a year that changes most people a lot. Somebody call it the "honey moon" year as everyone has just passed PMR and SPM is still far which is not very far if you think carefully. It's quite normal to fail some new subjects as everyone haven't get used to the format and stuff, the pressure is mounting. The higher the pressure, the greater the desire to release it. As we go into form 4, our discipline starts to deteriorate as we are stronger beings and our hormones are raging.

Pulling down people's shorts became a trend after some classes started it. After pulling down shorts on their friend's birthday has not been serious because we don't get birthdays everyday and we do not know everyone's birthday. We won't wait for that, we'll just pull down anyone's shorts if they act cocky or say something that offends us. But one class,ONE class has gone crazy. They have scouts outside their class to escort other people into their classes like predators. They will tell you that they have food inside and pull you in and I shall let you imagine the sequel. Even class monitors that went to borrow a broom also got caught.

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This is a victim who walked passed and pulled in by his friends. They even pour water onto the victim's underwear after pulling down their shorts.

Finally the story begins ....
On Thursday, during my EST period, the class beside mine was very noisy and our teacher Mdm.P asked one student D to check whether there is a teacher in their class. D went over and checked and there no teacher in class but he reported something extra to our teacher saying that one student told him "mang cho siao" meaning don't joke or don't play the fool. Mdm.P asked what does it mean and I told my interpretation to her but student X shouted and the word "insult" was so clear and she went on to write it on their "buku pemantauan"(a record book for classes used in malaysia).

D is dead,dead in terms of relationship with his friends from that class.Things got quieter until the next day.
On Friday, we planned to pull down D's shorts as he had done some "damage" to student M two days earlier if I have not mistaken.After walking back from the lab before recess,we went to him and caught him, it wasn't easy to take his shorts off because he was struggling hard and we weren't serious about it as we were just trying to make fun. Suddenly, student H from the class beside helped us pull down D's shorts but D shouted that he wants to do it on his own so everyone stopped.

10 seconds later, before seeing D pulling his own shorts we decided to pull H's pants.Wow...I still remember the thrilling moment....We poured water onto his underwear...LOL

The class beside wasn't happy about this, they seek revenge. Around 6 of them came over and caught student S. We weren't too happy about this and some suggested to stop them but instead of stopping the madness, I suggested that we should pull down another one's shorts from them. I caught student G and he didn't want to struggle as there were too many people. After pulling down his, one of us poured water onto his underwear. We all laugh in joy but he got pissed off and took the bottle and poured water to the whole class and made our tables wet...

The war hasn't end.....

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