Friday, September 23, 2005

Malaysian Idol Grand Finale

Nita & Daniel
I watched the Malaysian Idol Grand Finale.I've always been a fan for American Idol and of course as a Malaysian citizen,Malaysian Idol as well.Although there is a big contrast between the standard of the idol shows,it's still entertaining to watch.
I've tried to follow Malaysian Idol season 2 as close as I can, but sometimes I had to go for the repeat on Sunday due to my schedule. I was a fan for Faizull-the orang kampung Rock that made it to the top 4, I liked the way he performs, and his personality as well. Another contestant that I like watching was Farah(although my classmates like to call her "faraj").She is this cute malay girl that has a sweet smile and strong vocals but unfortunately her journey ended at the top 3.
Many teenage female friends talked to me about how cute daniel is and so on, I was never a fan of his. At the early spectacular stages, his singing was terrible especially when he sings english songs,his pronounciation is really terrible,I can hardly recognise a few words from the lyrics.
I didn't really like Nita because of her facial expression when she stesses her voice,her neck stretches out and that didn't please me.Roslan Aziz keep complimenting about her figure,don't know what was in his midn when he did that,maybe that's why he is called Abang Lan(just kidding...we all know what "lan" means over here).
According to my personal opinion, Daniel is more suitable to be the next Malaysian Idol than Nita. Mainly because of his talent and he has a better personality than Nita. He plays the violin,piano and guitar. He is a music student from USM and he can compose. We can always see the flair when he performs,something that can't be trained.
As for Nita, she is a strong and powerful singer that outblows others. She started caught voter's attention when she sang the song "Big Spender".I still remember from one of the episodes,they asked contestants whether friendship or competition is more important and she was the only one that said it was competition as this is a professional career.That sends a wrong message to everyone.In this modern world as materialism has started to take over humanity,teaching the human values are more important and that made me dislike her thoughout the show although her singing was quite good.That proves that she is more a Malaysian SINGER than an idol.
Another thing I noticed in the finals is that Nita can't talk,she cannot connect with others when she talks and oftenly stop to seek suitable words and don't even know how to use different tones to show different emotions. As for Daniel, he was kind of nice when he talks, a lot more fluent than Nita and say things that was intelligent to me as he talked about how he is a role model for some malaysians,to me that is an idol(of course not mine).
Although I think Nita will win because she is more internationally presentable on stage because of her appeal and singing but Daniel,I will vote for you !!!
(we all dont really know whether our votes are counted,especially in the grand finale,the organisers can give a "modified" version of votes,so this money raising show is reality or planned is a big mystery for us.)

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