Friday, August 26, 2005

Sorry for my absence!

To my dear readers,

First and for most, I would like to make an apology to everyone for not updating my blog for such a long week. I am facing an internet connection problem. I think my modem broke down. I am using my friend's computer to update this post. I will be back to entertain everyone as soon as my connection get back to it's usual self.

Answering some questions in the SHOUTBOX here :

Melvin 11:16 PM Aug 19, 2005 i noe but y the boss cal him jump down from a tree? Logic's Answer: That means the boss asked him to "go to hell" in another way.

josephine 11:44 PM Aug 19, 2005 ahhh.. since u graduated.. time to get married Logic's Answer: You want to marry me?

kelvin 12:05 AM Aug 20, 2005 can i join kelvin 12:05 AM Aug 20, 2005 hi Logic's Answer: Sure you can join my blog community. But kindly please tell me which Kelvin you are? Sorry for asking but i have many friend's named Kelvin.

ray 10:48 AM Aug 21, 2005 how come u got in2 dat suit??so cool... Logic's Answer:Erm...from a friend of mine.I went to help her take some photos and i borrowed her robe. Thanks for the compliments.

Zhi Zhi 6:11 PM Aug 24, 2005 what a cute photo...graduatedf yet in a football jersey. Go Man Utd! Logic's Answer: Thanks for the compliments once again. Man Utd till I Die !! I think ManU will clinch the title this season.

L4wr3nZxPROz 11:50 AM Aug 26, 2005 dud, what u did for the whole week? long time din c u online liao...Logic's Answer:I am facing some internet connection problem.Sorry.

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