Friday, August 12, 2005

High-Com Members Got Detention For Eating "NASI LEMAK" in School

Ladies and Gentlemen, no matter you believe it or not, this is true.

This happened in the school I study in.

Eating Nasi Lemak
(pix) is an offence in Chung Ling High School.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThe story begins like this. Me and my classmates were talking about food and suddenly the idea of buying Nasi Lemak to school to eat since all of us are tired and bored of the food in our school canteen although they are considered quite good but we just felt that having to eat the same thing over and over again for the past 3 years and 8 months, it's reasonable for us to have the urge to savour the taste of some other food.

Hence, I asked classmates whether they see any Nasi Lemak stalls on the way coming to school. The Nasi Lemak vendors near my house is still in their dreams when I go to school so are those around my friends' houses. But my friend, Mic told me that there are a few stalls near his home that sells early in the morning and there's even one Nasi Lemak supplier nearby. Normally, Nasi Lemak are homemade by the Malays. However, due to the market requirement there are a few large suppliers in Penang.

I asked Mic to buy me two packets of a Nasi Lemak and bring it the next day. After hearing there will be Nasi Lemak delivered by our friend Mic, my classmates started to order from him. Guys were shouting around : "two packets for me!", " I want one packet " ( in local dialect).
I wasn't suprised at all about the great response by my classmates as I said people are tired of canteen food and Nasi Lemak is a wonderful malaysian delicacy.

Mic got so confused and he decided to get the class name list to write down the amount of packets ordered. After all the hassle writing them down, and the final count was 36 packets in total discluding the one packet that our Biology teacher ordered when he overheard us talking about the food.(this proves how tempting a packet of Nasi Lemak is to Malaysian food lovers)

I knew that it is a offence bringing outside food to the school but I wasn't afraid as I don't think it should be an offence. It doesn't harm anybody and myself, so why not ???
I am not those guys who are such a coward that obeys every small detail of the school rules.

The night that day, my mom told me something.....................


Hahaha...I told my mom that i just asked my friend to buy Nasi Lemak for breakfast tomorrow but i can still keep it for recess.

The next morning, I went to school looking forward to eat two different Nasi Lemak in school. My friend Mic stays very near to our school that allows him to come to school 5 minutes before time, as I was in school early, I ate the Nasi Lemak my maid prepared for me. The aroma of fragant rice floated around the class. It was an authentic Nasi Lemak. But my classmate Cheah said: " Don't try to affect us, Mic will bring our portion later."

Image hosted by Photobucket.comMic arrived 2 minutes before school starts with two big plastic bags in both of his hands filled with 40 packets of Nasi Lemak as he bought extra just incase someone else wanted. People quickly approached him,in 2 minutes time, his seat was crowded.

Many of us kept it for recess because it is too rush to enjoy the rice as there isn't much time left.

During recess, approximately 15 of us ate in class. (Eating in class is another offence)
We stayed in class to fulfil the desire of our tastebuds. ( Staying in class during recess is another offence)

After 5 minutes, patrolling prefects arrive at our class- 4SA5. A prefect called HW walked into our class and shouted : " Who bought the Nasi Lemak ? " Some of us ignored him and some said that they brought them from home. He got furious and kept barking like a dog around future food connoisseiurs tasting the local delight. I actually finished when he came and i could get out of trouble but I took out the second packet because I personally do not respect arrogant prefects like HW.

He written down some of our school number and left. After that, I asked Cheah to throw all the packets in the large rubbish dump in our school. Soon "the dogs" came to our class to "sniff" around searching for evidence.

We discussed about this with our English teacher and she also thinks that it is alright for students to have different food sometimes. Not long after that, dogs barked at our door asking us to go to the discipline room. The discipline master Mr. N was going to give us detention for the act and the HW dog braked once again saying that we should get a small demerit(a serious discipline record for chinese schools.3 small demerits = one big demerit. Three big demerit=Sacked from school) for this. That created hatred in our hearts having ot understand that such a dog wants us to suffer. As a discipline master, Mr. N won't listen to a little dog in his department.

Today, we went for the detention. It was suppose to be 2.30 p.m. till 3.30 p.m. but me and my friend Dragon-fly wanted to have some fast food from McDonalds so I went around to borrow a helmet as Dragon-fly rode motor to school today. It took quite a while for me to get one because of some selfish buggers.

We took off quickly but Dragon-fly wasn't too familiar with the shortcuts I brought him to. He overshot a couple of junctions that consumed a bit of time. The thing that made us late was the snail service of the fast food joint McDonalds Sunshine Farlim. The double-cheese burger my friend order took ages.

Finally when we arrive back in school, we were late. We ate in front of them and let the dogs wait. Until we are satisfied, we wrote our names in the paper provided. We were sent to clean dirty classes that weren't managed well. The school authority do nothing about pupils not following their duty roster, instead they sent us to use up out precious time to help the lazy buggers.

We were chatting and lingering around the classes, sweeping with slow motion and on ething came to my classmate-Chong's mind is that most of us are High-Coms.

We had :
1. Photography Club President
2. Science Club President
3. School Beautification Group President
4. Tennis Club Vice President
5. St.John Hon. Secretary
6. Harmonica Band Director ( not conductor )

Cleaning dirty classes !!

phew...after cleaning...the dogs barked in joy but complained that human communication irritates their sensitive ears.

After that, I called my mom on my cell when the prefects left...
I had my cell in my pocket all the time...


Loh Jia Long said...

Lovely story dude. Very interesting.Come to think of it, bringing food from our homes is not an offence, is it? I thought only buying food during school hours from outside school is an school offence? And anyway, i am in 4sa2 and i eat my food in class everyday. I don't get any punishment for that. So in conclusion, our school is filled with "wild dogs". So to all fellow CLHS school ppl out there, beware dogs as they bark alot and bite.

Ji Yuan said...

Dude !!!

Thanks for the comments !!!

Anonymous said...

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Zhi said...

Heye, fascinating story. Hehe, how typical of CLHS prefects, as usual. They seriously don't have a life. At least those who find bringing food to school an offence. Well, I think it's time for a change in rules for both CLHS and PCGHS don't you think? Kids who go to these schools should be cut some slack and have some fun. And c'mon, it's only food!!! For crying out loud!!! It's not like you're doing drugs in school or smoking!!! Especially the prefects, they're students too, they should be more understanding!!! HW=LOSER!!!

Ji Yuan said...

Thanks for the response !!!

i must post this comment page in my class forum !!!