Sunday, July 31, 2005

Young man achieves amazing technological progress to take school exams

Image hosted by Photobucket.comA school-leaver, who came to take an oral exam on English in Armenia, designed an original method to pass exams without any difficulties. The young man fixed wires to the collar of his shirt, attached tiny microphones to buttons and connected the secret system to his Nokia cellular phone.
Professors of the examination commission were amazed with the man's invention. Some of them said that the young man had designed a miracle of electronic technologies.
"Every little detail in the device was meticulously thought-out. It is not ruled out that there was a group of professional specialists working on the system," Armenian Minister for Education, Sergo Yeritsan said.
When the young man's secret was exposed, the commission decided to listen to him anyway. It turned out that the man knew nothing : he could only say that he was keen to become a philologist to save his nation. The inventor had to leave with an unsatisfactory mark.

Don't SIAO SIAO....keat man !!!

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