Saturday, July 09, 2005

Sleepwalking kills ?

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A 15-year-old girl has been rescued from the top of a 40-metre crane she climbed while sleepwalking in London.
The girl was spotted on the crane's top boom by people below, who called police to the building site in Dulwich thinking it was a suicide attempt.
But the girl, who has not been named, had apparently managed to climb up the crane and walk across a narrow metal beam while fast asleep.
A firefighter from the Forest Hill station then climbed the crane to wait with the girl until a specialist crew arrived.
The girl was woken by relatives who called a mobile phone she was carrying.

Still remember the last time your housemates telling you about mumbling during sleep and SLEEPWALKING.
I still remember my guardian told me that i sleepwalked and open the clothes cupboard and pee in it when i was around 10-11 years old. She always tell about what i shouted or spoked about during sleep. I saw many other people doing sleeptalking. I guess its quite normal for humans living in the modern era having high pressures to do things like that.
In the past few weeks, whenever i dream about serving a tennis ball, the second i was going to to jump my legs did the same jumping action. I was lying down and it woke me up everytime. I believe this is because before human goes into deep sleep, the dreams are more realistic and having these actions, the body reacts accordingly.
I guess this is the result having too many things in mind.
  • Chinese debating competition
  • Tennis Club
  • DJ Club
  • Penang Close Junior's Tennis Championship
  • My weakest subjects this year : Physics,Biology,Chemistry
  • Addmaths Tuition homework
  • Project : Black Hat - A film that me and my friends are working on
  • My Weblog
  • No time to check my emails
  • Not enough sleep everynight
  • Modern maths homework haven't finish
  • Chinese language teacher left to further studies
  • Fulfilling my visual desires- watch VCDs and DVDs in my room

Phew.....going to take lunch.......go back to my room and indulge myself in movies and serials..........forget about eveything bad...........


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