Saturday, July 23, 2005

The Monitor Lizard Duel : Episode 2

The Second Dino and the Lizard Duel

This time i was also resting on my bed and i heard Dino barking check out the first episode here:
I ran down and witnessed a fierce duel between Dino and the "Dragon".
It was so fierce.

The lizard tried to wack its tail towards Dino and Dino couldn't reach it underneath the air-con exhaust so he kept on barking. The Lizard opened it's mouth widely and and made the "ss..." sound it was so exciting and Dino showing no thought of letting go, Dino tried to drag it's tail, luckily Dino didn't bite it or else the garden would be full of blood. ***It's already so messy now with everything pulled down by my lovely Dino***

I decided to keep Dino away and chase the lizard off my self it not it would be an never ending duel.

The lizard climbed over flower pot fencings and crawled back into the drain. It is staying in the underground water pipes in my house. So it may appear anytime. Exciting fight it was !

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