Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Sad news

This morning in between History and Additional Maths period, my class monitor Rijen came back from the staff room and walked into class to call out the guy sitting behind me which is the current chinese orchestra president-Hong Wei.Then both of them walked out of the class talking about something.The "excitement" expression on their faces made woke my curiousity up. I stood up and walked towards them standing two metres away looking at their faces and trying to listen about the news.I could barely hear what they say so i asked Hong Wei what happened,he told me that Lau Hoey Sim is dead,she hung herself at home last night. Before this incident, i heard that she stopped teaching to join her husband in Vietnam,after that i never saw her until the day i went to the (PSO)Penang Symphony Orchestra's concert i Dewan Sri Pinang.After that conversation,we went back to class as the additional maths teacher arrived.After the usual greeting,we sat down and my fellow classmates keep asking here and there to seek confirmation about the truth.

I will continue the story as soon as i get back from tuition later tonight.

To be continued.......

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